Top 7 trends in the Agile community for 2011


Forrester speak about at the Agile 2010 conference.  The concept is simple - if you get a Scrum team up and running and they realize substantial productivity gains talked about by folks like Jeff Sutherland, then what are the downstream effects or impacts to the rest of the business?  If your old team was producing one release a year, and now they are scheduled to release 6 times this year, how does this impact marketing that normally planned one big yearly launch at the annual trade show?  Until now - the development teams could simply be ignored - but with the buzz around Agility - no more.   If you are on a Scrum team, expect to hear more from the sales and marketing people in your business as they learn more about what this means for them.

Systems Integrators. Within the past year I was fortunate to travel extensively - over 100,000 miles of international travel - and in my travels I was able to go to India.  India is big, it’s congested and most problems are solved with the help of other people.  In the truest economic sense, there is a labor surplus.  Think about it this way, the top 3 SI's in India have as many software developers as there are in the entire American market.  Agile communities or Centers of Excellence are emerging at all of the large SI's I visited in India. They are taking Agility seriously because their customers are demanding it.  Expect to see Agile specific offshoring emerging at a much faster pace and larger scale than we are seeing within the organizations of those who have been in the game for years (Valtech, SolutionsIQ, ThoughtWorks).  2011 will prove to be a trial and error year for most SI's as a means towards scaling and monitoring.  In 2012 we will see emerge formalized Go To Market strategies from these System Integrators, whose customers are pushing them in that direction.

I hope this short summary of the top 7 trends I am seeing helps you formalize your plans for agile adoption in 2011.  I’d be interested in hearing your feedback.

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