Transitioning to Agile in Onshore-Offshore Distributed Teams

- someone committed to creating software in a collaborative and Agile fashion. Next is the careful selection of key offshore employees. The chances of hiring the right talent offshore are significantly higher if the onshore team gets involved in the selection and interviewing process. Following the formation of the team, the OODT decides on a core set of Agile practices and tweaks them until seeing concrete results. Finally, a careful selection of Agile tools is a great help for the collaborating distributed teams and can make the development process more enjoyable.

About the Author
Levent Gurses is a Washington, DC-based software consultant. He is also the co-founder of Jacoozi, a US-based technical consulting and development firm specializing in transitioning companies to Agile by establishing infrastructure, mentoring, and coaching. In his professional life, Levent helps clients develop leaner and meaner software through Agile practices. Most of his free time goes to reading and motorcycle racing.

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