Using Bug-Tracking Systems as Idea Repositories


Using Bug-Tracking Systems for Release Planning
When you are ready to start designing another version of the product, you can leverage the stored information to improve your product. To start, pull all feature requests from the bug-tracking system, then start prioritizing them. Priority should reflect market feedback, including the number of requests you have received for this feature.

After you have settled on the priority in which the features should ideally be implemented, you start determining the order in which you are really going to implement them. If you cannot realistically implement a feature within the time allotted for the next release, that feature needs to be saved for future releases. You can determine the feasibility of implementing any given feature request by considering how its implementation would impact the existing code base. If implementation of a high-priority feature would require only minor changes to the code base, plan to add it to the next release. However, if implementation of your most highly demanded feature will require you to completely rewrite your code base, you have two choices: save the feature for a later release, or change the release timeline so that it can be implemented.

The moment you decide to implement a feature request, remove the related entry from the bug-tracking system, create test cases that verify whether the feature is implemented thoroughly and functions correctly, then add these test cases to the regression test suite. Once the feature is implemented, the regression test suite helps you determine whether it meets expectations and is ready to be passed on to customers.

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i am the student of final year degree computer engg. as a major project i have selected to build a bug tracking system(which detect bugs and send it to project manager/developer/tester). can you help me by pointing some good function which my system should have.

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June 28, 2011 - 12:44am

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