Using Quality Function Deployment for Process Improvement


in process improvement programs it calls for a trade off between HOW's especially in areas of Process automation and the Operational flexibility front.

Step 7: Set up Integrated Matrix

This presents the complete consolidation of steps 1-4. 


Step 8: Define Specifications

The final activity which completes the QFD Matrix is defining the specifications for various HOW's identified based on our WHAT-HOW relationship, Results of Customer, Solution
benchmarking and trade offs obtained between different HOW's. 

This acts as the end deliverable and provides the guiding principles for setting up a Process Improvement program.

A sample Specifications sheet could be one as referred below:


This helps organizations to decide which is the best model or practice that needs to be adopted. 

Thus Quality Function Deployment (QFD) could act as an effective tool for organization to design and implement a process improvement program.

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