Value of Configuration Management by Agile Professionals


category, 78% find CM tools extremely important. Of those in the 34-55 age category, 89% find CM tools extremely important. Most telling are those agile professionals that are 55 years of age or older, 100% find CM tools extremely important. To be fair, there was a smaller sample of data for those 55+ years old, so further studies should occur to make this data more meaningful. However, it raises the question, as engineering professionals increase in age (and presumably in experience) do CM tools become more important? Have they experienced enough problems as a result of not having solid version control, where a CM tool is considered extremely important? Table 2 illustrates the age spread and importance of CM tools.


Table 2: Distribution by age range of who rated CM tools "Extremely Important"

Finally the last bit of data from the survey results indicates that there may be a slight difference in the way the agile engineers (e.g., as part of the agile project team) perceive the importance of CM tools versus the way product managers do. In this case, 90% of the agile professionals who are engineers appear to indicate that CM tools are extremely important while only 60% of agile professionals who are product managers indicate this. This may account for the fact that engineers are more severely impacted when there are

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