Value of Configuration Management by Agile Professionals


Study #2: How Important are CM Functional Areas?

The second study sought to drill down further as to which CM functions are perceived to be valuable by agile professionals and which are more valuable than others. With this in mind, I conducted a second survey in the "Agile Journal" where I asked agile professionals within a polling questionnaire to please place a value rating on each of the following CM functional areas:

·         CM for the project including planning activities, roles, etc.

·         Version control: tool with check-out/check-in process

·         Build management: tool with continuous build process

·         Branching and merging: tool and continuous integration process

·         Change control: process of managing changes

·         Problem management: tool and process, a.k.a., defect tracking, issue management

·         Audit: process, baseline, etc.

·         Reporting/status accounting: process

·         Release engineering: tool and process, aka, migration and installation

I provided 10 value choices (from 1 to 10) where 1 is the lowest value and 10 is the highest value. While not meant to be an exact survey, it provided some interesting data.

The results from this study (based on a modest 25 respondents) indicate a range of perceived values for the various CM functions. Build management received the overall highest average value score with 9.21 (out of 10). This is not surprising since continuous integration and build is a highly valued practice for those who implement agile. This was closely followed by version control which received an average value score of 9.13. This may be because of the recognized need of control due to the high volume of code changes. The

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