Value of Configuration Management by Agile Professionals



Configuration management (CM) appears to be valued by agile professionals after receiving a combined score of 94% who responded with either "extremely important" or "very important" from the first survey. Why this is may be because agile is a facilitator of change that requires change mechanisms that can handle the high volume of change. CM provides those change mechanisms to ensure the integrity of change on a software project. When drilling down one level, several CM functions appear to be of high value based on the second survey results starting with build management. With the continuous integration and build practice spanning both CM and agile this may be no surprise. Being a strong proponent of both configuration management and agile, I am happy to see these results. For agile professionals who have not yet considered CM as a valuable asset to their work, it may be time to do so now. It may be to your advantage. For agile professionals who do understand this powerful combination, more power to you and it may be worth giving some of the CM functions a second look.

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