Agile Development East: Eight Steps To Kanban

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We're at Agile Development East this week where industry experts and agile practitioners gather to share key insights on the issues they deal with every day. 

We'll be in and out of the keynotes and tutorials over the course of the week and sharing some of the key takeaways.

In his tutorial, Eight Steps to Kanban, Ken Pugh of Net Objectives shared the steps involved in implementing Kanban in your organizaton. Transitioning to agile can be difficult for teams and as such many are turning to Kanban, and the just in-time software delivery methodology as a more gradual evolution to full-on agile.   

Unlike agile, where all stories are created equal, lean focuses on business value first. 

And getting feedback early and often is key: 


We're curious, have you implemented Kanban in your organization? What are some of the lessons you've learned? Tell us in the comments below.