Agile Meetup Recap: Agile isn't for everyone—and that's OK!

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Everyone's transitioning to agile—or so it seems. But is agile for everyone? Can you benefit from agile even if you're not ready or able to jump in with both feet?

Agile is a big cultural shift that touches almost everything: how you manage the project portfolio, how you compensate people and teams, and how you look at funding projects and programs. And, that just scratches the surface! 

Miss the live discussion that took place on July 23rd?  Listen to the replay below:


There were a lot of questions that came up during the #AgileMeetup with Johanna.

Here are a few: 

To be successful in agile, should you do regression testing for each iteration?

How would you address getting buy-in from other groups with IT (DBA for instance)?

As always we encourage you to post your questions in the Agile Q&A and answer questions from other community members.