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For Maximum Awesome: Interview with Joe Justice

Joe Justice will be at Agile Development West conference in June where this year’s conference attendees will have the unique opportunity to work side by side with Joe Justice, to learn how agile is being used in extreme manufacturing and learn firsthand how the agile mindset can be applied to your entire business.  How cool is that!

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Ten Proven Ways To Demotivate Your Team Randy Rice offers ten proven ways to de-motivate your team, make sure you're getting the very least productivity out of them, and potentially lose them altogether.

A Test Manager's Guide To Going Agile Going agile? Joel Bancroft-Conners presents a survival guide for testers going to agile. Joel explains what happened when he had to make the switch from waterfall to agile. Welcome to the world of being an agile manager, in which your team is a top performer, doing more in the same amount of time as before.  

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