Awesome Agile Build at Agile Development/Better Software West Conference

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How AWESOME would it be to participate in building a car that gets 100 miles per gallon and meets US road and safety standards?

Well, that's exactly what attendees of this year's Agile Development/Better Software West Conference in Vegas got to do with Team WIKISPEED.

Conference attendees had the unique opportunity to work side by side with Joe Justice, a consultant at Scrum Inc. and founder of Team WIKISPEED, to learn how agile is being used in extreme manufacturing and learn firsthand how the agile mindset can be applied to your entire business.

Attendees got to immerse themselves in agile design, object-oriented architecture, kanban flow optimizations, Scrum team delivery, XP practices, and had a blast learning with Team WIKISPEED! From the website, "Team WIKISPEED follows the model of Agile software teams, compressing the entire development cycle into one-week “sprints.”  We iterate the entire car every seven days, meaning that every seven days we reevaluate each part of the car and reinvent the highest-priority aspects, instead of waiting ten to twenty-four years to upgrade.  This process enables a completely different pace of development."

At #BSCADC, attendees kicked off the morning with an overview of the WikiSpeed process and broke into different teams. Throughout the day they completed the different sprints, with objectives to meet and a final video status report. It was really cool seeing the collaboration and progress throughout the day.

Check out the time-lapse

Were you at Agile Development/Better Software West? What was your biggest takeaway?

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