White-box Testing: When Quality Really Matters

Jamie Mitchell, Jamie Mitchell Consulting, Inc.

Jamie Mitchell explores perhaps the most underused test technique in our arsenal—white-box testing. Also known as structural testing, white-box requires some programming expertise, access to the code, and an analysis tool. If you only employ black-box testing, you could easily ship a system having tested only 50 percent or less of the code base. Not good! Although you might believe that the developers have performed sufficient unit and integration testing, how do you know that they have achieved the level of coverage your project requires? Jamie describes the levels of code coverage that the business and your customers may need—from statement coverage to modified condition/decision coverage. Leading you through examples of pseudocode, Jamie explains when you should strive to achieve different code coverage target levels. Even if you have no personal programming experience, understanding structural testing will make you a better tester. So, join Jamie for some code-diving!