Yin and Yang: Metrics within Agile and Traditional Lifecycles

Shaun Bradshaw, Zenergy Technologies, Inc. & Bob Galen, RGalen Consulting

Metrics are powerful tools when used to effect positive change in a project or organization. However, the value and benefits of metrics are often dependent on the context. While certain metrics provide information and insight to drive decision making for a traditional development approach, they may not be useful in an agile landscape—and vice versa. QA and agile experts Shaun Bradshaw and Bob Galen delve into the value, pitfalls, pros, and cons of various metrics in agile and waterfall development environments. Hear their experiences as they discuss and explore a variety of project-level, software development, and software testing metrics through the lens of both traditional and agile development contexts. Although Bob and Shaun respect each other’s knowledge and skill, they don’t often agree on metrics. And in this showdown, you’ll see why! Be prepared to learn, be entertained, and be ready to get in on the action as these two metrics titans go head-to-head.