STAREAST 2011 - Software Testing Conference


Not an Estimating Problem

In this lightning talk from STAREAST 2011, Dale Emery takes a look at some common issues we encounter when estimating and explains why they aren't actually estimating problems.

Dale Emery, DHE

Optimizing Modular Test Automation

Modular test automation frameworks minimize script maintenance, increase reuse, and help maximize the ROI of your automation efforts. The modular approach borrows the concept of "modules" from software development to compartmentalize automation logic by segmenting an application into functional areas. These modules are then linked together to form end-to-end test cases for system testing.

David Dang, Zenergy Technologies

Performance Testing Cloud-hosted Applications

Cloud computing and cloud-hosted applications will alter the way you think about and carry out performance testing. Based on his experience with projects at Microsoft, Dennis Bass explores how cloud platforms pose new opportunities and challenges for performance engineers, and what that means when bringing your next generation applications onto the cloud. Neelesh explores what's the same and what's different with cloud-hosted applications compared to traditional ones.

Dennis Bass, Microsoft
Performance Testing Mobile Applications

The mobile web is growing at an unprecedented rate with people around the globe using their mobile phones to connect, network, share, and meet. Mobile has suddenly emerged as one of the primary delivery platforms for many companies. A mobile application that fails to perform as expected has a negative impact on revenue and increases customer support costs. It is essential that your mobile applications are tested for performance, scalability, and other critical non-functional issues before they are released to the market.

Shirish Bhale, Impetus Technologies Inc.
Questioning Measurement

When we consciously measure something, we try to measure precisely and often assume that our measurements are accurate and useful. However, software development and testing activities are not subject to the same kinds of quantitative measurements and precise predictions we find in physics. Instead, our work is like the social sciences, in which complex interactions between people and systems make measurement difficult and precise prediction impossible. Michael Bolton argues that all is not lost.

Michael Bolton, DevelopSense

Real-time Test Design for Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is a form of unscripted testing that mixes concurrent learning with rapid, iterative test design, and test execution. Done well, exploratory testing helps you intentionally and quickly discover the important problems in your software. So, how do you actually design tests on-the-fly, taking into account the current, known risks, input from stakeholders, and the limits on time and resources? Paul Carvalho shares practical models, tips, and guidelines he uses to design exploratory tests.

Paul Carvalho, STAQS

RESTful Web Services Testing

RESTful web services are gaining popularity due to their features, scalability, ease of development, and the stateless nature of the REST architecture. As more companies start adopting REST, efficient testing of these web services will become an important issue. Bindu Laxminarayan shares her experience with testing RESTful services using both manual and automated approaches.

Srichakrabindu Laxminarayan,
Sleeping with the Enemy

Unfortunately, traditional software delivery models are often based on a lack of trust among stakeholders. Because the business doesn't trust developers, testers are asked to provide independent validation. Because developers don't trust testers, everyone wastes a lot of time arguing about whether a problem is in the code or in the tests. And testers-they are taught not to trust anyone! All of this distrust even though we share the same end-goal-delivering a product that satisfies our customers.

Gojko Adzic, Neuri Ltd.
STAREAST 2011: Automating Embedded System Testing

Many testers believe that it is prohibitively costly and time-consuming to automate embedded and mobile phone application testing. By approaching the problem from a test design perspective and using that design to drive the automation initiative, Hans Buwalda demystifies automated testing of embedded systems. He draws on experiences gained on a large-scale testing project for a leading smart-phone platform and a Window CE embedded automotive testing platform.

Hans Buwalda, LogiGear

STAREAST 2011: Lightning Strikes the Keynotes

Lightning Talks have been a very popular part of many STAR conferences throughout the years. If you're not familiar with the concept, a Lightning Talk session consists of a series of five-minute talks by different presenters within one presentation period. For the speakers, Lightning Talks are the opportunity to deliver their single biggest-bang-for-the-buck idea in a rapid-fire presentation. And now, lightning has struck the STAR keynote presentations.

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering


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