STARWEST 2011 - Software Testing Conference


Testing Lessons from Comic Book Superheroes

Over the years, Rob Sabourin has discovered testing lessons in diverse places-the Simpsons, the Great Detectives, and Dr. Seuss. Join Rob for a raucous, new adventure as he shares his testing lessons from the world of comic book superheroes. Rob believes these superheroes can teach important lessons about software testing and may even inspire you to become a "supertester." Superheroes have mythic adventures: escaping from strange planets, becoming irradiated, avenging crime, and more. Rob explores the skills of real-world supertesters.

Robert Sabourin,

Testing on the Toilet: A Success Story from STARWEST 2007

As testers, we often need to inform and educate our colleagues about the fundamentals of testing. The challenge is not just to get their attention for five minutes; the goal is to continually reinforce the benefit and techniques for testing. In their STARWEST 2007 Keynote, Googlers Bharat Mediratta and Antoine Picard introduced the idea of “Testing on the Toilet”-a testing newsletter posted in toilets throughout Google’s development campus.

Mette Bruhn-Pedersen, Bruhn-Pedersen Consulting
The Force of Test Automation in the Salesforce Cloud

What would happen if your company doubled or even tripled its number of releases and asked you to do the same with your testing? What if the number of developers doubled and your testing staff remained the same size? Would your test automation be capable of meeting the demand? How would you ensure that one-hundred Scrum teams are investing enough in test automation? How would you triage hundreds of test failures each day? How would you validate each of more than one-hundred releases to production per year?

Chris Chen,
Top Ten Disruptive Technologies You Must Understand

The consumerization of enterprise software applications is no longer on its way-it is here. Emerging technologies such as mobile apps, tablets, 4G, cloud computing, and HTML5 are impacting software engineering and testing organizations across all industries. By enabling sensitive data to be accessed through the web and on mobile devices, there is immense pressure to ensure that apps are reliable, scalable, private and secure.

Doron Reuveni, uTest
Virtualization of Test Labs

Frank Lanciotto shares his experience with Aetna's creation of "world class" quality testing platforms using virtual technology in conjunction with physical devices. Aetna's Quality Assurance Lab, which uses virtual technology in both server and desktop environments, has transformed from 95 percent physical test devices in 2009 to only 25 percent today.

Frank Lanciotto, Aetna/Enterprise Testing & Quality Assurance
xBTM: Taking Full Advantage of Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing provides both flexibility and speed, which have become increasingly important as more and more projects adopt agile where scripted tests are struggling to keep up with the quick pace of short iterations. So, how do you retain traceability back to requirements with exploratory testing without losing your creativity? Christin Wiedemann and Michael Albrecht share their experiences using a combination of session-based test management and thread-based test management which they call xBTM.

Christin Wiedemann, AddQ Consulting AB


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