STARWEST 2013 - Software Testing Conference


Decoupled System Interface Testing at FedEx

If you work in a large-scale environment, you know how difficult it is to have all the systems “code complete” and ready for testing at the same time. In order to fully test end-to-end scenarios, you must be able to validate results in numerous systems. But what if all those systems are...

Chris Reites, FedEx Services

Don’t Go over the Waterfall: Keep Agile Testing Agile

All too often an agile iteration resembles a mini-waterfall cycle with developers coding for the duration of the iteration and then throwing code “over the wall” to the test team. This results in the all-too-familiar “test squeeze” with testers often testing code after the iteration has...

Aaron Barrett, Infusionsoft
Eliminating Software Defects with Jidoka—The Overlooked Pillar of Lean

Many development organizations are experimenting—but getting mixed results—with lean development techniques. As a test or development manager, you have the power to help eliminate defects—the largest source of waste in development—and the enormous rework costs they incur.

Bill Curtis, CAST

End-to-End Automation: Providing Stakeholders Feedback on Quality

Are you running automated tests during development yet not providing automated feedback to the project stakeholders? Vikas Bhupalam approached this problem by leveraging and integrating monitoring, logging, and defect tracking systems to provide automatic feedback to stakeholders.

Vikas Bhupalam, Intuit Inc.

Evaluating and Testing Web APIs

Thanks to the massive adoption of cloud and mobile applications, web APIs are moving to center stage for many business and technology teams. As a direct result, the need to deliver a high-quality API experience is essential. When it comes to quality aspects of web APIs, there is more...

Ole Lensmar, SmartBear Software

Get Testing Help from the Crowd

Crowdsourcing has become widely acknowledged as a productivity solution across numerous industries. However, for companies incorporating crowdsourcing into existing business practices, specific issues must be addressed: What problem are we trying to solve? How do we control the process?

Matt Johnston, uTest

Intelligent Mistakes in Test Automation

A number of test automation ideas that at first glance seem very sensible actually contain pitfalls and problems that you should avoid. Dot Graham describes five of these “intelligent mistakes”—automated tests will find more bugs more quickly; spending a lot on a tool must guarantee great...

Dorothy Graham, Software Test Consultant

Introducing the New Software Testing Standard

Software testing standards—who cares, anyway? You should! The new ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 software testing standard, driven by representatives from twenty countries and under development for the past five years, will be released soon. As a professional tester, you need to know about...

Jon Hagar, Grand Software Testing

Invest in a Testing Framework

HP Automated Testing Solutions. A modern application. Component based testing—why frameworks? Automation evolution. HP Automated functional testing solution. Orginzational Considerations. Resources. 

Heather Taylor, HP Software
iOS Test Automation: The Trifecta

In this agile world, as the expectations for rapid mobile application development and delivery get shorter every day, the users’ patience with a buggy app has become almost nonexistent. Elizabeth Taylor shares how to reduce iOS application testing time and gain confidence in your...

Elizabeth Taylor, Digimarc


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