STARWEST 2013 - Software Testing Conference


Software Quality Metrics for Testers

When implementing software quality metrics, we need to first understand the purpose of the metrics and who will be using them. Will the metric be used to measure people or the process, to illustrate the level of quality in software products, or to drive toward a specific objective? 

Philip Lew, XBOSoft

STARWEST 2013: Become a Big Data Quality Hero

Many believe that regression testing an application with minimal data is sufficient. With big data applications, the data testing methodology becomes far more complex. Testing can now be done within the data fabrication process as well as in the data delivery process. 

Jason Rauen, LexisNexis

STARWEST 2013: Creating a Better Testing Future: The World Is Changing and We Must Change With It

The IEEE 829 Test Documentation standard is thirty years old this year. Boris Beizer’s first book on software testing also turned thirty. Testing Computer Software, the best selling book on software testing, is twenty-five. During the last three decades, hardware platforms have evolved...

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering

STARWEST 2013: Lightning Strikes the Keynotes

Throughout the years, Lightning Talks have been a popular part of the STAR conferences. If you’re not familiar with the concept, Lightning Talks consists of a series of five-minute talks by different speakers within one presentation period. Lightning Talks are the opportunity for speakers...

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering

STARWEST 2013: Mobile Test Automation with Big Data Analytics

Organizations with a mobile presence today face a major challenge of building robust automated tests around their mobile applications. However, organizations often have limited testing resources for these increasingly complex projects, and stakeholders worry about the quality of the product.

Tarun Bhatia, Microsoft

STARWEST 2013: Mobile Testing Trends and Innovations

As organizations implement their mobile strategy, testing teams must support new technologies while still maintaining existing systems. Melissa Tondi describes the major trends and innovations in mobile technology, usage, and equipment that you should consider when transitioning existing...

Melissa Tondi, ProtoTest

STARWEST 2013: Security Testing Mobile Applications

Due to the sensitive nature of the personal information often stored on mobile phones, security testing is vital when building mobile applications. Jeff Payne discusses some of the characteristics that make testing mobile applications unique and challenging. These characteristics include...

Jeff Payne, Coveros
Swimming with the Salmon: Lessons in Moving Quality Upstream

Having difficulties getting your organization to recognize the value of QA? Is your “salmon team” losing to currents that impede continuous improvement and strategic planning? Colleen Kirtland and Harish Krishnankutty share their two-year uphill struggle to elevate QA to the position of...

Colleen Kirtland, The Capital Group & Harish Krishnankutty, Infosys Limited

Test Automation Challenges in the Gaming Industry

Gaming is a multibillion-dollar industry, and good testing is critical to any game’s success. Game testing has traditionally been black-box through the client—a method clearly insufficient with increasingly more complex software incorporating 3D physics, thousands of linked and interacting...

Brett Roark, Blizzard Entertainment

Test Status Reporting: Focus Your Message for Executives

Test status reporting is a key factor in the success of test projects. Stephan Obbeck shares some ideas on how to communicate more than just a red-yellow-green status report to executive management and discusses how the right information can influence their decisions. 

Stephan Obbeck, KROLL Consulting AG


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