How Hyper-Testing Added $15MN to an Organization’s Bottom Line Provided by Aspire Systems

An efficient QA team is an asset to any organization that aims to build and deliver high-quality software right on time to their end-users. The nexus of a sound testing strategy and a robust test automation framework can bring down testing efforts by at least 40%. 

By implementing hyper-testing, a leading media solutions provider in the US reported annual savings of $950,000 and a reduction of 91% in its testing efforts compared to the cost of testing done manually in-house.

What is hyper-testing? Download this white paper to explore:

  • Improving the bottom line: This unique testing methodology can bring cost savings of up to 35% within the first year

  • Reduction in overall test efforts: The implementation of an intelligent automation framework helped the media solutions provider streamline the development and testing of their software applications and bring a 91% reduction in overall testing efforts over the years

  • Improved time to market: Hyper-testing improves time to market by 20% through greater transparency of testing processes and procedures

Read more about the challenges faced and solutions adopted by this leading media solutions provider in its testing journey with hyper-testing.

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