Automation in Sports Video Game Testing: An Interview with Fazeel Gareeboo


Cameron: All right. So, you work for a video game company. Do you have a favorite sports game or video game title that you've worked on?

Fazeel: I wouldn't say I worked on it—I've had some contribution to it—but it's FIFA; it’s the soccer game. It's actually built out of our Canadian studio in Vancouver. I love the game because I play soccer. So for me, it's a way to actually play the game without being out on the field and actually getting hurt or hurting someone.

Cameron: Do you have a favorite team you play with?

Fazeel: Typically it's Barcelona. Sometimes with Barcelona or Real Madrid. There's a funny story. So typically after work, I play against a couple of guys. And for the longest of time, I think it was about two years ago, we both picked Spain, so we played Spain versus Spain. And that was just to kind of iron out the differences. So we can't say it's the team, it has to be the person.

Cameron: There you go. Now, it isn't uncommon for people who work in the software industry to be somewhat video game enthusiasts, kind of like yourself. So, with that being said, what is it like working for a video game company?

Fazeel: It's great. I mean, typically, for EA—and I can only speak about EA—they have lots of perks, I would say. We have free breakfasts. We have lots of game machines all around the floor. I mean, typically when people come and visit, they think maybe that's what we do, we play games. Obviously that's not true. We do work. And because of the types of games that we work on, sports video games that have a fixed deadline, there are usually periods of time when we have to work longer hours because we have to get this thing out. But it's a great place, great people, great benefits. I'm still here after eight years. What can I say?

Cameron: Fantastic. So, is there anything you'd like to say to the attendees of STAREAST before they attend the conference and before they attend your presentation?

Fazeel: I look forward to seeing you guys.

Cameron: All right. Fantastic. Once again, this is Fazeel Gareeboo, and he will be speaking at STAREAST 2014, which is May 4 through May 9. Make sure and check out his presentation titled "Game On: Automating Sports Video Game Testing." All right, thank you so much.

Fazeel: OK, thanks, Cameron.


Fazeel GareebooA software development director at EA Sports Tiburon, Fazeel Gareeboo manages a team that provides automated testing for the studio. Before moving into management, he developed computer-aided design (CAD) software and wrote device drivers for Windows and MicroStation, including the first 2048x2048 Windows device driver—for Bill Gates’s house. Fazeel has a special interest in automating any repetitive work and in creating great teams for the kinds of work that computers cannot do yet. He grew up on the island of Mauritius and worked in Europe before settling in the United States. Reach Fazeel at [email protected].

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