Bigger and Better Test Design through Automation: An Interview with Hans Buwalda


In this interview, LogiGear's Hans Buwalda explains how better test design can lead to improved test automation and can make the difference between automation success and failure. He details why successful automated testing is a test design challenge, not a technical challenge.

Jennifer Bonine: We are back with virtual interviews, and I'm excited to have back with us someone we get to talk to at several of the conferences. So Hans, thanks for joining us again.

Hans Buwalda: Thank you.

Jennifer Bonine: We're happy to have you. So, some things to talk about. You've been at the conferences quite a bit. You see them year over year and how things change. You gave a couple of tutorials this week early in the week.

Hans Buwalda: Yeah, correct.

Jennifer Bonine: Each conference, I think, has kind of a different mood or vibe or feel to the conference. Any thoughts, kind of, on this one and what you're sensing?

Hans Buwalda: Yeah, I would say change, but I would say accelerating change, and that is both for the industry that we are in but I think also for the conference itself. It's really moving along with what's going on and with, especially, first it was agile and now it's DevOps, which are, of course, two related concepts. It's really moving fast.

Jennifer Bonine: Yeah.

Hans Buwalda: Of course, and what I notice for myself, I have a method. Action-based testing, you're fully aware of it.

Jennifer Bonine: Yes.

Hans Buwalda: It's based on key words and modules. When I was first doing this, that was in '94, all the projects were waterfall projects. We didn't call them waterfall projects, but they really were. And you could easily see that because projects would usually not be successful, which is a typical property of waterfall projects. The chance of failure in a waterfall project is close to 100 percent.

Jennifer Bonine: Wow. It's high.

Hans Buwalda: Yeah, I have grown up in this software industry with the notion that projects are always late. That it's normal. It's routine.

Jennifer Bonine: It's normal. You just get used to it.


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