Classic Software Testing Is Broken: An Interview with Regg Struyk


CP: OK. You mentioned that hybrid again. Do you think it’s a case-by-case basis, or is there a ratio that is ideal for having those new testing methodologies versus keeping a little bit of your toes in the traditional methodologies? Is there a ratio that’s prime?

RS: I wouldn’t say there’s a ratio. I would say it is case-by-case. Maybe as we move forward, it will become more of a defined metric, but I would say at this point that definitely, it is certainly more of a case-per-case. It’s not surprising, but I see out there that when I’m talking about hybrid, it’s a real mix. There’s no standardized—whether it’s agile versus waterfall, or whatever. It’s really a mix of what works best to get basically—again, this comes back to, you’d asked me before, about goals and those requirements. Really, what it comes down to is, what’s the best way for us to achieve our consumer expectations?

CP: OK. That’s a lot of really good answers on why classic software testing doesn’t work anymore. I have one last question. With twenty years in the industry, is there something you wish that a young Regg knew that you know now?

RS: Certainly a great question. I would say that the biggest thing is that being able to work with development in the organization. One of the key things in testing is that there’s always been this combative mentality. Really, what it comes down to is cultural shift within an organization. The reality is that testing, for whatever it’s worth, a lot of times is not viewed as the most popular thing. It’s almost viewed as, it has to be done.

The best way to actually become very appreciative in an organization is to change the culture. That takes time, and there are some frustrations, but the payoff is significant. Not only does it make the products or services that you’re building better for the consumer, but it also fosters a greater environment within your testing organization.

CP: OK, great. Once again, this is Regg Struyk, and he will be speaking at STARCANADA April 5 through April 9. Is there anything else you want to say to any of the possible attendees?

RS: I'm looking forward to it. I hear that last year, it was a great event. I’m looking forward to meeting everybody at the event.

CP: All right, fantastic. Once again, that was Regg Struyk. He has a session called Why Classic Software Testing Doesn’t Work Anymore. Thank you so much, Regg.

RS: Thanks, Cameron.

CP: All right, have a good one.

RS: Take care.


Regg StruykWith twenty years of commercial software development and testing experience, Regg Struyk has held many different positions, ranging from the head of technical product management for Agfa HealthCare to, most recently, product evangelist for Polarion QA. Regg has developed for several software testing tools, including test integrity, iTest, and Polarion QA. Dedicated to the domain of test management, Regg is continually analyzing testing trends and their potential impact on the discipline of software testing.


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