How Ideas and Assumptions Impact Applications: An Interview with TJ Usiyan


TJ Usiyan: Yeah, there are a few. The simplest one, which is not actually all that simple, is I would challenge very strongly the idea of what we are talking about when we talk about company's culture or a company's ethos and basically our ideas around diversity, because I think it's not as complicated as it could be yet. We don't hold in our heads the many ways that people can be diverse and hopefully should be diverse on a team, and when we allow more diversity, I think we will actually achieve a more sympathetic software development process.

Josiah Renaudin: Yeah, absolutely. Of course, I don't want to give away your entire keynote, but I'm still going to ask you a big question here. More than anything, what's kind of the central message that you want to leave with your keynote audience? If they only want to take one thing away from your discussion, what do you hope that is?

TJ Usiyan: Be more mindful and consider how you are being mindful. Yeah, more than anything, that is the statement.

Josiah Renaudin: All right. Fantastic. Thank you very much, TJ. I really appreciate the time. I'm looking forward to hearing the full thing at Mobile Dev + Test this year.

TJ Usiyan: Thank you, and I'm looking forward to actually delivering that talk.

TJAn instructor with Atlanta-based Iron Yard, TJ Usiyan is a teacher, writer, musician, and software developer, excited about crafting interesting work and helping others do the same. TJ has two degrees—one in electronic production and design and the other in creative writing. He entered software development through musical and pedagogical interests and has spent the time since exploring and modeling musical structure and the language of music in Objective-C and Swift. TJ developed and released the iOS app Chordal Text and the Additive Synthesizer Audio Unit (Partial).

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