Listen to What You're Saying!: An Interview with Steven "Doc" List

Steven "Doc" List and Noel Wurst sit down for what starts as a standard interview about communication skills but quickly evolves into a fascinating conversation that reveals a lot about what we're saying—and what we should be saying. You may be surprised at just how much you have to learn.


Steven List (generally known as “Doc”) is currently the Vice President of Learning and Development at Santeon Group, a highly respected international technology consulting company. Doc’s focus is on organizational transformation and agile adoption, including coaching, assessment, and training.

Doc is an experienced software technology professional with a career spanning three decades. Doc has worked on all types of hardware and operating systems, multiple languages and environments. Doc maintains a long-term focus on the core skills and strategies of management, leadership, team-building, and individual growth, and is an experienced presenter and public speaker, business and agile coach, and trainer and workshop leader. Doc is also a recognized expert Open Space facilitator.

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