Maintaining the Programming Mob: An Interview with Woody Zuill

"Fun" and "kindness" aren't the first things that come to mind when thinking of the mob, but in software development—they're mandatory. Woody Zuill discusses how mob programming takes a very agile and collaborative effort at delivering great software on time, and with the respect of everyone on board.
Woody Zuill helps break down what makes up mob programming, and how he's seen it create respect and fun amongst software teams and their clients. Woody goes on to stress the importance of retrospectives, as well as the need for clean, functional code on any project.
Woody is presenting his session, "Mob Programming: A Whole Team Approach," at the Agile Development/Better Software Conference West on June 6th, and he'll be giving another session, "Better Unit Tests with ApprovalTests: An Open Source Library" at STAREAST on May 2nd.
An agile coach for the development team at Hunter Industries, Woody Zuill creates and supports software for internal company departments using a wide range of technologies, programming languages, and platforms. For the past thirteen years Woody has worked as an agile coach and developer in both large and small environments, training more than twenty teams and more than 100 developers in agile practices. Woody has been programming computers for twenty-nine years and believes that code must be simple, clean, testable, and maintainable so we can respond to change while quickly delivering working software. He has a passion for bringing unmaintainable code back into a manageable, healthy state.

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