Pivoting Organizations to Agile Testing: An Interview with Howard Deiner


Once you start presenting that to executives, they may get a feeling that, “Hmm, maybe there's something to all this. Give it a try. You know, what's the worst that could happen? Could we spin our wheels for three months and produce very little?” Possibly, but, you know, if you look in other industries, that's usually not the case. So, once you over that leap of faith and give it a whirl, I've seen really good results from just about every place that's tried it.

JV: Fantastic. All right. I think this is a good stopping point for us, and thank you very much for taking time.

HD: It's been a pleasure. I'm so happy that you had the time to chat with me.

Howard DeinerHoward Deiner is an agile coach who works with individuals, teams, and organizations to help them achieve their business objectives. He has a varied background spanning thirty-eight years in the industry, with extensive domain knowledge in commercial software, aerospace, and financial services. He has played many of the roles in the development arena, such as developer, analyst, team lead, architect, and project manager.

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