Technology Trends of the Future: An Interview with Hung Nguyen


Cameron: OK. Looking forward twenty years, where do you see testing and software development? I know it is kind of hard to project that far in the future, especially with how far we have come in the past twenty years, but where do you see technology in twenty years?

Hung: I think that I’m so far away from a lot of the day-to-day software development activities that I cannot really tell about what is happening or what is going to happen. But I think that software and the development of software will be a lot faster. I think the technology will be there to help us do that, and we might get updates by the software updating itself.

However, sticking to something that I know well, I think over the next twenty years, in respect to testing and test automation, I think test automation and testing will be done better. Software testing and test automation methods will be better codified, including some standardization of a “test” or “test case” for portability across platforms and production environments, automated test design practices, and test automation lifecycle practices. Availability of test development and test automation common platforms—test and user community can share or publish their work, much like, where photographers can share or publish their work.

Automated test design techniques will better come alive. In the next twenty years those are going to be well codified. We will have a better one-push-button test automation. Today it feels that test automation is very primitive and we’re not there yet, but I think we will get there, with close to 100 percent test automation. To accomplish that, there will be a lot of experimenting and challenges that you will have to overcome.

Cameron: I think you are right. Those are very good guesses, and I hope they are right. Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

Hung: Probably playing jazz full-time. And, you know, touring around the world with my fellow musicians.

Cameron: All right.

Hung: I probably have another five years in my software testing life that I want to do. Beyond that, I will probably say playing music. Maybe I have another book in myself to write, but it is probably not about testing. It will be something like The Strange Life of Hung Nguyen.

Cameron: OK. Do you have any wisdom or advice you would pass on to the next generation of developers and testers?

Hung: Yes. Yes! Looking back and sitting here, there are a number of things. The first thing is you really have to have passion for the work that you do in developing or testing software. Passion and enthusiasm give you unlimited energy. If you don't have that, you need to find your source. You also have to have a lot of strength and know your strength—what I mean by that is you have to know what you do well. If you are a very good analytical person, then be that person and do test analysis. If you’re a math person or whatever strength that you might have, build on that.

Next, find someone that did really well what you want to do and model after them. Then, you also need to find and create a framework that you can learn, you can adapt, and—also very important—you can unlearn from as well. This is an ongoing process—there is ongoing learning; you have to have a very good framework to put them in. Then, create a well-mapped plan to execute for motivation. You need motivation—make it a habit. You have to have it. Be resilient! Stay with it! There is going to be some tough times, but it is learning—it is not going to be the destination that you are looking for. Finally, find some good people with whom to be around ... Fellowship. Team up with the best people, the people that do the things you like to do and would like to do the things you want to do, and hang around with them. That is the best way to share and that is the best way to learn. Those are the things I keep in my entire career, and it really helps me enjoy what I do: sharing what I am doing. I do not know what to expect, but I think that I am happy at the same time.

Cameron: All right, fantastic. Once again, this is the ever-passionate, ever-innovative, and ever-resilient Hung Nguyen. He is the CEO, president, and cofounder of LogiGear, and he has been speaking today with us about technology trends of the future. Thank you so much.

Hung: Thank you.

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