Why the BA Is Essential to Agile Development: An Interview with Steve Adolph


Steve Adolph explains why the BA's role on an agile project cannot be overvalued, due to their immense communication and collaboration skills. Steve describes the best BAs as "boundary spanners" who know the importance of keeping everyone sitting together, and most importantly—talking.

Steve Adolph sets the record straight on just how essential the presence of a strong business analyst is on any agile development project. Steve also helps explain how some of agile's misconceptions came to be, and how we can avoid these incorrect assumptions on future projects.

An agile coach with WSA Consulting, Inc., Steve Adolph partners with Scaled Agile and Rally Software where he pursues his passion for helping organizations get the job done. He has been creating and managing software development projects long enough to remember Fortran and OS/MVT JCL. Steve’s professional career includes many exciting and critical projects—designing call processing software for digital telephone exchanges, design and development of leading edge network management systems, railway signaling, and telecom billing. He has diverse experience in job roles ranging from developer to chief engineer to CTO. Steve is coauthor of the popular book, Patterns for Effective Use Cases.

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