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To Fight the Fire Without Completely Being Burned: A New Perspective on Heroes and Firefighters

Michael Hovan discusses the implementation of Bayer Corporation's measurement database over the past year. Discover the types of metrics collected, how the data is stored, and ways the data is analyzed and ultimately used. Based on actual data and measurement reports, learn from one company's experience in building, collecting, and using metrics to improve software performance.

Michael Hovan, Wind River Doctor Design Services
Using Statistics to Evaluate Process Improvement

The techniques associated with Statistical Process Control (SPC) are very useful, but they are not sufficient alone to
provide inferential comparisons. An additional need is the ability to make valid
This paper suggests two additional techniques to help evaluate differences: inference for
difference between two means (using t tests and confidence intervals for the difference
between the means), and inference for two way tables (using chi-square tests). These basic
statistical techniques should be in our analysis toolbox, along with the traditional SPC tools.

Paul Below, EDS


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