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Reducing Organization Stress and Strain: Tools for Aligning Technology and Business

This article will help your team understand the difference between internal and external quality criteria. Also detailed are tool descriptions you can use in your alignment toolbox.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.
The Importance of Discovery: Step One in Managing Web Development Projects

Web based projects don't always get treated like software
development projects. Why? Because creative design frequently drives them. It's important to develop your Web project using the same best practices that are used in software development projects.

Seth Miller, Miller Systems, Inc.
The Soft Side of Software - People Factors in Software Development

Developing software is all about communicating effectively. It's important to understand requirements and document project information appropriately. These tips and more are provided in this article to help your team work together more effectively.

Gary Pollice, Rational Software
Managing Customer Expectations

The starting point for Expectations Management is recognizing that we all have hopes, dreams, and fears. We all want to succeed and be appreciated. In this way, we are all the same. We all see the world differently, and those differences influence our actions, attitudes, and behavior. In this way, we are all different. This article teaches your team how to understand the client's perspective to help you successfully deliver the product they requested from your team.

Naomi Karten, Karten Associates
Project Management Best Practices

Risk management is the process of identifying, addressing, and controlling potential problems before they threaten the success of a software project. This article details tips to help your team plan a successful project.

Karl Wiegers, Process Impact
Creating Team Norms

In their eagerness to embark on a new project, project teams sometimes overlook an essential aspect of their effort—building a relationship among team members, which will foster not just a successful project outcome, but also a satisfying work experience. Investing in relationship building is invariably less costly and time-consuming than recovering from the divisiveness and conflict that may result from its absence. And that's where team norms come in.

Naomi Karten's picture Naomi Karten
Integrating Risk Management into Your Project Plans

The goal of risk management is to develop information that supports informed decision-making. In this article you will: review risk management fundamentals, introduce simple quantification methods, discuss special "estimate" risks (cost & schedule), the impact integrating risk mitigation into project plans and share lessons from the real world.

Payson Hall, Catalysis Group Inc
Project Management and Collaboration: Using the Web to Improve Your Projects

The speaker requested that these proceedings not be available online.

Marnie Hutcheson, Ideva
Team Size and Its Effect on Peer Reviews

This article discusses the prerequisites to quantitative management. How to create effective teams by determining recommended team size for inspections is also discussed.

Mark Paulk, Carnegie Mellon University
The Real Job of Software Managers

Presentation not available online. Speaker will make presentation available electronically to all participants.
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Andy Kaufman, Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development


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