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Testing in the Cloud: Is it Right For You?[presentation]

Finally, software testing in the cloud is not just for dreamers anymore! Join Andrew Pollner to explore why and how cloud-based testing is emerging as a viable alternative to replace or complement traditional testing platforms.

Andrew Pollner, ALP International Corp
From Problem to Solution : The Continuum Between Requirements and Design[presentation]

By learning the best mechanics for getting from problem-business needs and requirements-to solution-architecture and design-your team can turbo-charge its development process to generate the most creative and innovative solutions.

Christopher Brandt, Moneris Solutions
Managing Across the Miles: The Keys to Leading Offshore Test Teams[presentation]

Is your company experiencing difficulty and frustration with its offshore project teams? Are your teams not consistently performing well? Are the results not what was expected?

Gerie Owen, NSTAR, Inc.
Mobile Applications Security[presentation]

Mobile applications enable millions of users to have more fun, be more productive, and interact with their world in more ways than ever before.

Scott Matsumoto, Cigital
Leaping into "The Cloud": Rewards, Risks, and Mitigations[presentation]

The cloud has rapidly gone from "that thing I should know something about" to the "centerpiece of our corporate IT five-year strategy." However, cloud computing is still in its infancy.

Ken Johnston, Microsoft Corporation
Nonfunctional Requirements: Forgotten, Neglected, Misunderstood[presentation]

Nonfunctional requirements-interfaces, design and implementation constraints, and quality attributes such as performance, usability, robustness, and more-are essential to build the right product, right.

Ellen Gottesdiener, EBG Consulting, Inc.
When to Ship: Determining Application Readiness[presentation]

When do you ship an application and expose it to your customers and users? The answer seems simple-you ship it when it's ready.

Peter Varhol, Seapine Software Inc
Eight Limitations of Mobile Platforms[presentation]

Soon mobile devices will be able to do most everything, right? Although it's fun to talk about how much mobile devices can or will do soon, limitations and constraints remain now and will for a long time.

Jacob Stevens, Quardev, Inc.
Cloud Enabled Development: Making Fast Go Faster[presentation]

As software development teams seek greater efficiency and effectiveness, they often find that they are held back by old IT architecture for development and test.

Sundar Raghavan, Skytap, Inc.
Beyond Business Analysis: Becoming A Trusted Business Advisor[presentation]

Stand in a room full of business analysts and you are bound to hear the phrase "gather and document requirements" way too often.

Kent McDonald, Knowledge Bridge Partnes
Agile Requirements: Not an Oxymoron[presentation]

Agile processes were originally designed to break down the barriers among users, programmers, and testers.

Ellen Gottesdiener, EBG Consulting, Inc.
Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference East 2011: Seven Deadly Habits of Ineffective Software Managers[presentation]

As if releasing a quality software project on time were not difficult enough, ineffective management practices when dealing with planning, people, and process issues can be deadly to a project.

Ken Whitaker, Leading Software Maniacs
The Agile Mindset: Principles for Collaborating and Innovating with Agility[presentation]

Whether it is controlling interplanetary spacecraft, managing medical records, or "merely" staying in business, it seems that more of us are facing the pressure of building and managing mission-critical systems and teams.

Adrian Cho, IBM
Tips for a Productive Workday[article]

Some days you leave work feeling as if the day went by without an inkling of progress or productivity. Other days, you leave feeling as if you conquered the world, with an internal spark of satisfaction and anticipating resuming progress the next day. So, what is it that makes the difference?

Nirav Assar's picture Nirav Assar
Traditional Test Engineering, Your Days Are Numbered[magazine]

In the first installment of this article, Dr. James Whittaker discussed turning testing on its head—to revitalize and improve the value of late-stage testing. James also discussed ideas behind empowering your dogfooders, testers, and the crowd to significantly and efficiently improve software quality. In part two, Jason Arbon discusses the research and engineering experimentation behind realizing these ideas into new tools and processes.

Jason Arbon's picture Jason Arbon


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