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Testing Dialogues: Automation Issues[presentation]

What problems are you facing in test automation right now? Just getting started? Trying to choose the right tool set? Working to convince executive managers of the value of automation? Dealing with excessive maintenance of scripts?

Dorothy Graham, Consultant
Go Sleuthing with the Right Test Technique[presentation]

Although much information is available on test design techniques, very little is written on how to select which techniques to use for the job at hand.

Derk-Jan de Grood, Valori
Taking Your Testing Team Global[presentation]

With pressure to downsize local teams in favor of offshore or outsourced testing, you may be faced with taking your team global. Jane Fraser discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly of having to outsource or offshore testing.

Jane Fraser, Electronic Arts
Stick a Fork in It: Defining Done[presentation]

It seems that developers have as many definitions of “done” as Eskimos have words for “snow.” But without a clear definition of done, it is difficult to gauge progress on a project. Menlo Innovations has a simple solution.

Tracy Beeson, Menlo Innovations
Test as a Service: A New Architecture for Embedded Systems[presentation]

The classic models adopted in test automation today-guaranteeing ease of test implementation rather than extendibility of the test architecture-are inadequate for the unprecedented complexity of today’s embedded software market.

Raniero Virgilio, Intel
Testing with Virtual Machines: Past, Present, and Future[presentation]

In the past several years, virtualization has dramatically improved tester productivity. A virtual machine is a useful abstraction for encapsulating the entire software stack.

Roussi Roussev, VMware
State-driven Testing: An Innovation in UI Test Automation[presentation]

Keyword-driven testing is an accepted UI test automation technique used by mature organizations to overcome the disadvantages of record/playback test automation.

Dietmar Strasser, Borland (a Micro Focus company)
Streamlining the Developer-Tester Workflow[presentation]

The islands that many development and test teams live on seem far apart at times.

Chris Menegay, Notion Solutions, Inc.
STARWEST 2010: Quality Metrics for Testers: Evaluating Our Products, Evaluating Ourselves[presentation]

Finally, most businesses realize that a final system testing "phase" in the project cannot be used as the catch-all for software quality problems.

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering
Model-based Testing: The Key to Testing Industrialization[presentation]

Customers who want “more, faster, cheaper” put pressure on the development schedule, usually leaving less time for testing. The solution is to parallelize testing and development so that they proceed together.

Bruno Legeard, Smartesting
STARWEST 2010: Automating Embedded System Testing[presentation]

Many testers believe the challenges of automating embedded and mobile phone-based systems testing are prohibitively difficult.

William Coleman, LogiGear Corporation
Using the Amazon Cloud to Accelerate Testing[presentation]

Virtualization technologies have been a great boon to test labs everywhere. With the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), these same benefits are available to everyone-without the need to purchase and maintain your own hardware.

Randy Hayes, Capacity Calibration, Inc.
Automating Test Design in Agile Development Environments[presentation]

How does model-based automated test design (ATD) fit with agile methods and developer test-driven development (TDD)? The answer is “Superbly!”, and Antti Huima explains why and how.

Antti Huima, Conformiq, Inc.
Reducing the Testing Cycle Time through Process Analysis[presentation]

Because system testing is usually what lies between development and release to the customer-and hopefully more business value or profit-every test team is asked to test faster and finish sooner.

John Ruberto, Intuit Inc
Focusing with Clear Test Objectives[presentation]

Frustrated with your team’s testing results-sometimes great, sometimes lacking? Do you consistently over promise and under deliver? If these situations sound familiar, you may be suffering from the ills of UCT (Unclear Test Objectives).

Sharon Robson, Software Education


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