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Testing Under Pressure[magazine]

A cast-in-concrete delivery date looms on your project’s horizon. You have precious little time remaining, and the development team keeps delivering incomplete builds of unstable code. Is this a "death march" project, or can the testing team actually do something useful, or perhaps even save the day?

Robert Sabourin's picture Robert Sabourin
Managing in Fluid Environments[magazine]

Most management and change management methodologies assume a traditional environment—one in which the time between changes is much greater than the time required to adapt to each change. In fluid environments, the next change event happens before we can finish adapting to the last one, and sometimes even the one before that.

Rick Brenner's picture Rick Brenner
Orders of Magnitude in Test Automation Orders of Magnitude in Test Automation[article]

Mike Kelly explains the following heuristic approach to help ensure your testing is roughly inline based on orders of magnitude across the various types of automation. It’s not a method for measuring effectiveness. Instead it’s simply a “smell” to tell you when you might need to take a little extra time to make sure you’re focusing your automated testing efforts at the right level.

Mike Kelly's picture Mike Kelly
The Whats, Whys and Hows of Kanban[presentation]

Lean software development practices are gaining momentum-with good reason-and many software teams are learning to use Kanban to help manage development and reduce waste.

Tim Wingfield, Pillar Technology
Agile Database Development[presentation]

If you've had difficulty applying agile methods to the database side of development, you're not alone. Most developers see the database as an obstacle to-not a part of-agile development.

Pramod Sadalage, ThoughtWorks Inc
Pair Development: How Programmers and Testers Benefit[presentation]

Automated tests are a foundation of agile software development. Many experts teach that developers should write unit tests and testers should write higher-level tests.

Dawn Cannan, 42 Lines
Better Software Conference West 2011: Lean Development Practices for Enterprise Agile[presentation]

An enterprise agile initiative requires a higher level strategic, portfolio, product, and team perspective. Lean software development integrates all of these perspectives into a cohesive, actionable whole.

Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives
The Value of Defining "Done"[presentation]

Many agile teams fail to meet customer expectations by releasing products before they are complete. Eric Jimmink coaches teams to treat the Definition of Done (DoD) as a learned and required practice.

Eric Jimmink, Ordina
Five Dysfunctions of Agile Teams[presentation]

Is your agile team not reaching their potential? They may be suffering from internal dysfunctions that contribute to less than optimal results.

Bob Hartman, Agile For All
Industrial Strength Exploratory Testing[presentation]

During the past few years, exploratory testing (ET) has gained popularity as one of the most efficient styles of testing for smaller agile development teams.

Anutthara Bharadwaj, Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd
Product Owner Anti-Patterns[presentation]

Do you want a successful product delivery-one that has cost-effective and prioritized product features, that has support from the organization, and acceptance from key stakeholders?

Monica Yap, SolutionsIQ
Test-driven Development: Achieving Testable Code[presentation]

Test-driven Development (TDD) has proven valuable on many development projects for more than ten years. Unfortunately, even today, many teams do not practice it.

David Yancey, Sogeti, Int
Agile Leadership: Where Do Managers Fit?[presentation]

When adopting agile software development, many of the agile roles and practices focus on the team and its members. So, where does that leave the managers-project managers, software managers, IT directors, etc?

Skip Angel, BigVisible Solutions
Agile Development & Better Software West 2011: Agile Testing: Challenges Beyond the Easy Contexts[presentation]

Don't let anyone tell you differently: Agile testing is hard! First, we have to get over the misconception that you don't need testers within agile teams.

Bob Galen, iContact
Cautionary Tales from Failed Scrum Adoptions[presentation]

Although Scrum has become an integral software project management tool in many organizations, not all adoptions have gone well-or as well as they could have.

Robert Sabourin,


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