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Agile Development Practices East 2010: Resistance as a Resource[presentation]

As a developer or tester, you are a creative, intelligent, and insightful member of your team. Whether you know it or not, you also are a change agent.

Dale Emery, DHE
Critical Success Factors for Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)[presentation]

A good analyst or tester knows what questions to ask to quickly bring clarity to a murky subject.

Jennitta Andrea, The Andrea Group, Inc.
The Twain Shall Meet: Incorporating User Experience Design in Agile Development[presentation]

Traditional user experience (UX) design methodologies are often seen as too slow and not flexible enough for use in agile software development.

Scott Plewes, Macadamian Technologies
The Value of Value Story Cards[presentation]

Many agile team members never reach their potential because they have no way to link their company's values with their day-to-day development work.

Jared Richardson, Logos Technologies
Agile Program Management: Architecture, Risks, and Constraints[presentation]

Once you move to large agile development programs with multiple projects and sub-projects, how do you make progress and keep an architecturally coherent product?

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
Products and People over Process and Dogma[presentation]

If people in your organization are spending time "going agile," "being agile," or "doing agile" instead of simply using agile methods that work in your context, this session is for you.

David Hussman, DevJam
Pairing in Software Development[presentation]

Two people working at one computer collaborating on the same deliverable-sounds like double the work and double the costs doesn't it? Not so.

Laurie Williams, North Carolina State University
Between BDUF and Anarchy: Finding Modeling's Sweet Spot[presentation]

"Big Design Up Front" isn't usually the best way to develop systems. Neither is anarchy, where developers code first and ask questions later.

Tom Nedwek, Avanade
Serious Games: Product Planning and Prioritization Using Innovation Games[presentation]

Perhaps the most vital aspect of building great software is finding the 20 percent of features that represent the 80 percent of functionality your customers really need.

Cory Foy, Cory Foy, LLC
Scaling Scrum: Practical Techniques for Large Organizations[presentation]

Are you looking for tips to help scale your Scrum deployment to the larger organization? Is the "Scrum of Scrums" concept not working out the way you thought it would?

Melanie Paquette, Research In Motion
It's the People, It's All About the People[presentation]

As organizations transition to agile, they often notice "people problems" not previously seen in their traditional project structures. Agile team members lose patience with each other.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
Using Silent Work Techniques to Achieve Astonishing Results[presentation]

Because diversity of ideas yields astonishing results, team members should respect each other by openly listening to ideas from everyone on the team. In fact, the word "respect" tops the list of values of both Scrum and XP.

Lyssa Adkins, Cricketwing Consulting
The Mind of the Agile Tester[presentation]

The move from traditional tester to agile tester can be "extreme" (bad pun intended).

Robert Galen, iContact
The Role of the Agile Architect[presentation]

With the emphasis on leaving decisions until the "last responsible moment," the need for a coherent architecture in agile development is sometimes overlooked.

Robert Baumann, CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business
Scaling Agile Beyond the Team[presentation]

Agile methods are helping teams deliver software faster and with much higher quality than ever before.

Mike Cottmeyer, Pillar Technology


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