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Building a Competitive Software Capability: Creative Destruction[article]

In this excerpt from Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust: Building a Competitive Software Capability, Watts Humphrey and James Over explain why these changes must be a high priority for software companies and other organizations for whom knowledge is a valuable asset.

Watts S. Humphrey's picture Watts S. Humphrey James W. Over
The Two Sides of Software Testing: Checking and Exploring[article]

Is testing about checking against system requirements, or is it about exploring the software? In this article, Elisabeth Hendrickson explains a valuable truth often clouded by this debate—good testing takes advantage of both of these approaches.

Elisabeth Hendrickson's picture Elisabeth Hendrickson
Rugby Scrum Implementing Scrum (Agile) and CMMI Together[article]

CMMI and Scrum are two commonly used frameworks we have seen groups struggle with when using them together. This article describes how these frameworks aren't really at odds with each other and explains how implementation is the key to using them together.

Neil Potter's picture Neil Potter
Chatterboxes and Cave Dwellers[article]

Both introverts and extroverts can be valuable contributors of hard work and great ideas, they just go about accomplishing those things in different ways. Learn how these two groups of people coexist, what makes them tick, and how to help them flourish.

Naomi Karten's picture Naomi Karten
Getting Empirical about Refactoring[article]

Often when we refactor, we look at local areas of code. If we take a wider view, using information from our version control systems, we can get a better sense of the effects of our refactoring efforts.

Michael Feathers's picture Michael Feathers
Effective Leadership Communication[article]

In most workplaces, there’s an institutional hierarchy that may influence how we react in situations that require us to step up. Navigating effective communication means knowing when we should listen quietly to leaders and when we should challenge or question.

Payson Hall's picture Payson Hall
The Crucial Role DevOps Plays in Change and Configuration Management[article]

Agile's core principles may have been originally intended at the software development, but the concept of DevOps has shown that agile's benefits can be experienced by a much larger audience. Collaboration between these two departments benefits just as much as anyone.

Sasha Gilenson's picture Sasha Gilenson
Refactoring: What You Need to Do It Right[presentation]

As certain as evolving requirements lead to code changes, code changes lead to code degradation. Therefore, code refactoring is critical to the long-term viability of all software products.

Kevin Sawicki, Perforce Software
Security Guidelines for Agile Development[presentation]

Some security experts would have you believe that it is "impossible" to implement secure development practices using agile development methodologies.

Bryan Sullivan, Microsoft
End-to-End Agile Planning: Oxymoron or Powerful Release Planning Method?[presentation]

It's a very common pattern. Agile methods don't seem to specify much in the way of preparation or strategies for project planning-so teams simply dive-in and start iterating toward a solution to their business problems.

Bob Galen, iContact
Risk Identification, Analysis, and Mitigation in Agile Environments[presentation]

Although risk identification, analysis, and mitigation are critically important parts of any software project effort, agile projects require non-traditional techniques that are much quicker and easier to use than classical risk techniques.

James McCaffrey, Volt VTE
The Battle of Scrum vs. Kanban[presentation]

Over the past ten years, Scrum has become the leading project management approach in agile development. Now, there’s a new kid on the block-Kanban.

Jean Tabaka, Rally Software Development
Working with Globally Distributed Agile Teams[presentation]

Miscommunications, misunderstandings, and interpersonal conflicts often thrive in the typical distributed team.

Ken Pugh, Net Objectives
Agile vs. Agility: Doing vs. Being[presentation]

To be agile or not to be agile … that is not the question anymore; agile adoption is on the rise and there seems no turning back.

Ahmed Sidky, Santeon
Boundary, Authority, Role and Task (BART) Analysis[presentation]

If your Scrum practices-or any agile processes-aren't working as effectively as they might, this class may be just what you need!

Dan Mezick, New Technology Solutions


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