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The Right Business Analysis Tool[magazine]

The continued rise of the business analysis profession has led to a surge in software tools specifically designed for the business analyst. Find out what types of tools are in the marketplace today and how to select the right business analysis software tool for your organization.

Matthew Leach's picture Matthew Leach
Swan Song: How Testers Can Find Improbable and Unexpected Errors[magazine]

Black Swans, in the book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, are improbable and unexpected events with a severe impact. One of the most important goals of testing is to find problems in the product. What can testers do to help reduce the likelihood that we'll encounter a Black Swan?

Michael Bolton's picture Michael Bolton
Embracing Kanban: An Experience Report[presentation]

Early in 2004, Chris Shinkle's company began adopting agile practices. Unfortunately, agile did not have the desired cultural impact within their organization-and the adoption floundered.

Chris Shinkle, SEP INC
Agile Architecture: Patterns and Technology[presentation]

Despite our wishing it were so, software architecture is not static throughout a project, especially within an agile development environment.

Kirk Knoernschild, Burton Group
Critical Incidents While Testing in Scrum[presentation]

Scrum frameworks deliver working code in time-boxed sprints. Many communities find Scrum to be a wonderful balance between discipline and agility because it tames turbulence and focuses teams.

Robert Sabourin,
Iteration Management: Unclogging Your Development Process[presentation]

Within the agile development lifecycle, the role of "iteration manager" is crucial for maintaining the rhythm and flow of the project.

Tiffany Lentz, ThoughtWorks
Agile Development Practices 2009: The Agile PMP: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks[presentation]

Agile methods emphasize trust, empowerment, and collaboration-moving us away from command and control project management to harness the passion, creativity, and enthusiasm of the team.

Michael Cottmeyer, VersionOne, Inc.
Kanban: A True Integration of Lean and Agile[presentation]

If XP and Scrum are the first generation of agile methods, Kanban software development is the next generation. Kanban integrates lean and agile principles to create better software faster and at less cost.

Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives
Storyotypes: The Patterns Within the Stories[presentation]

Have you noticed that similar stories appear over and over again as you develop a system?

Dan Rawsthorne, Danube Technologies, Inc.
Peer Code Review: An Agile Process[presentation]

Peer code review is one of the most effective ways to find defects-but is it agile? Because agile teams loathe heavy process, code review practices can easily fail.

Gregg Sporar, Smart Bear Software
Sixteen Essential Patterns of Mature Agile Teams[presentation]

Many teams have a relatively easy time adopting the tactical aspects of the agile methodologies. Usually a few classes, some tool introduction, and a bit of practice can lead you toward a somewhat efficient and effective adoption.

Robert Galen, Software Testing Consultant
Organizational Values: A Key to Agile Success[presentation]

Agile adoptions can only be successful if corporate values match the key values outlined in the Agile Manifesto and in agile frameworks such as XP and Scrum.

Michele Sliger, Sliger Consulting, Inc.
Applying Lean Production to Software Development: A Worldview[presentation]

Lean production has made it possible for many industries to develop products faster and more profitably, building a loyal customer base while lowering business risk.

James Sutton, Lockheed Martin
Pragmatic Personas: Putting the User in User Stories[presentation]

When making choices about a system's functionality, the easiest thing is to ask yourself, "What would I like the software to do?" Unfortunately, when a team uses this approach, the result is usually constant argument, uncomfortable compromise

Jeff Patton, Independent Consultant
Focused Continuous Testing[presentation]

Continuous testing is a practice that involves automatically running tests after every program change.

Rod Coffin, Improving Enterprises


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