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Software as a Service: What You Need to Know[presentation]

Many familiar products, including email, instant messaging, search, and e-commerce sites, are actually implemented as services rather than PC-installed software.

Ibrahim El Far, Microsoft Corporation
How Others See You: Seeking Personal Feedback[presentation]

Has this ever happened to you? You've just finished an important presentation.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc
Five Test Automation Fallacies that Will Make You Sick[presentation]

Five common fallacies about test automation can leave even the most experienced test and development teams severely ill. If allowed to go unchallenged, these beliefs will almost guarantee the death of an automation effort.

Douglas Hoffman, Software Quality Methods, LLC.
Communicating the Meaning Inside the Metrics[presentation]

Measurement data is supposed to help you make better decisions; yet, the information provided under the term "metrics" is often confusing, obscure, or irrelevant to those who need it most.

Terry Vogt, Booz Allen Hamilton
Creating Habitable Code[presentation]

A major challenge for software organizations is to create software that can continue to adapt and change over time-a codebase the team can live with "forever." Jeffrey Fredrick and Paul Julius review the concepts and features of CruiseControl

Jeffrey Fredrick, Independent Consultant
A Solid Foundation for Quality Improvement[presentation]

Many managers look to formal techniques-requirements reviews, code inspection, and testing-to improve the quality of their software. While these techniques are valuable, they only evaluate the state of quality rather than improve it.

Jason Bryant, Schlumberger Information Solutions
Getting to WOW! Gathering User Feedback for Better Designs[presentation]

Today's users are savvier than ever-you can't hide poor design behind fancy features. A good user experience isn't optional anymore-it's mandatory.

Scott Plewes, Macadamian Technologies
Guiding Your Personal Life: "Plan-driven" or "Agile"[presentation]

Some interpreters of history believe that the Industrial Age could not have happened without coffee and tea.

Linda Rising, Independent Consultant
Integrating Security Testing into the QA Process[presentation]

Although organizations have vastly increased their efforts to secure operating systems and networks from attackers, most have neglected the security of their applications-making them the weakest link in their overall security chain.

Mike Hryekewicz, Standard Insurance Company
Creating a 'Digital Cockpit' for Software Delivery[presentation]

In many organizations, developing and delivering software has long been described as a "black box"-requests go in and many months later something comes out. But is it what was needed? Did it provide value to the organization?

Nicole Bryan, Borland Software Corporation
Successful Teams are TDD Teams[presentation]

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is the practice of writing a test before writing code that implements the tested behavior, thus finding defects earlier.

Rob Myers, Agile Institute
Agile, Lean, and the Project Management Office[presentation]

PMOs usually think they are out of business when agile rolls into town. But the reality is that the PMO can play a pivotal role in successful agile adoption in large organizations.

Jean Tabaka, Rally Software Development
Successful Software Management: Seventeen Lessons Learned[presentation]

Wouldn't it be nice to know what your staff is doing without looking like a micromanager? Have you wondered how to treat people fairly while still giving them what they need?

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
Managing Software Debt[presentation]

In Scrum, the product backlog is used to prioritize feature implementation based on business value. The product owner manages the product backlog to direct implementation for the greatest possible business value.

Chris Sterling, SolutionsIQ
Learning to Learn: What You Didn't Learn in School and Why[presentation]

From taking our first steps and saying our first words, through kindergarten, grade school, and college, we are praised, rewarded, and judged on our ability to learn.

Dan North, ThoughtWorks Inc


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