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Behavior-Driven Database Design[presentation]

Agile methods focus on creating executable code quickly and with fewer defects. But what about the database? The database is "the" component of the application that is thought to be the least agile and often excluded from agile development.

Pramod Sadalage, ThoughtWorks Inc
Value Stream Mapping - Extending Our View to the Enterprise[presentation]

What if the process improvements you are trying to make are not where your real problems lie? Assuming where your problems are is often the biggest problem.

Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives
Secrets of CMMI for Agile Organizations[presentation]

Are you convinced that agile development methods and process improvement methods such as CMMI® don't go together? Have you been the victim of a ton of process overhead dropped on your head? It doesn't have to be that way.

Jeff Dalton, Broadsword Solutions Corporation
Agile Project Metrics[presentation]

Agile projects and traditional projects are tracked differently. The key difference is that agile projects track outcomes; traditional projects track activities.

David Nicolette, Valtech Technologies
Calling all Agile Skeptics - the Curious, and Die-Hard, Non-Agile[presentation]

Not convinced about agile? Curious about this new approach, but not sure it makes any sense? Does it feel like agile goes against everything your experience tells you is the right thing to do?

Damon Poole, AccuRev
Driving Agile Transformation from the Top Down[presentation]

While agile practices are starting to make their way into large enterprises, in most instances this has been a "bottom up" movement driven through grassroots efforts.

David Wilby, Borland Software
Driving User Stories from Business Value[presentation]

Implementations of agile and Scrum typically employ user stories as the primary method for discovering requirements. User stories provide the mechanism for the fast, flexible flow of ideas into completed increments of software.

Guy Beaver, Net Objectives
Agile Development Practices 2008: Refactoring: Where do I Start?[presentation]

Since Martin Fowler completed his now-classic work Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code, few programming practices have been more effective-and more controversial-than refactoring.

JB Rainsberger, Diaspar Software Services
Organizing to Fulfill the Product Owner Role[presentation]

At Yahoo!, the product owner role is defined as the "single wringable neck" who ensures that software products and projects deliver value.

Ronica Roth, Rally Software
Agile Development Practices 2008: Pragmatic Agility[presentation]

What is agile software development all about? Why is it fundamentally different from other approaches and will it work for you and your organization?

Andrew Hunt, Pragmatic Programmers
Re-thinking Scheduling: Parkinson's Law Inverted[presentation]

The Empire State Building-the tallest building in the world for over forty years-took just 13½ months to build. Amazing as this may seem today, it was not remarkable at the time; most skyscrapers were built in about a year.

Mary Poppendieck, Poppendieck LLC
Agile Contracting[presentation]

Many software development organizations work within the bounds of contractual agreements where the limitations imposed by the "Iron Triangle" of fixed timelines, budgets, and scope challenge their ability to embrace change and focus on value

Rachel Weston, Rally Software Development
Agile Development Practices 2008: The Agile PMP: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks[presentation]

Agile methods put a great deal of emphasis on trust, empowerment, and collaboration. Agile moves us away from command and control project management toward an approach designed to harness the passion, creativity, and enthusiasm of the team.

Michael Cottmeyer, VersionOne, Inc.
Agile for Business Analysts[presentation]

A prevailing myth in the software industry is that business analysis requires a bloated requirements elicitation and documentation process.

Bob Hartman, Agile For All
Integrating Enterprise SOA Architecture with Scrum Development Methodology[presentation]

Many processes used to implement an enterprise architecture are in conflict with the agile development approach. An effective enterprise architecture framework represents the organization as it is today and as it is envisioned in the future.

Steven Driver, Airlines Reporting Corporation


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