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Maximize Your Investment in Automation Tools[presentation]

Experience has shown that many organizations attempt to automate their testing processes without effective vision, planning, and follow through.

Shoba Raj, Intuit, Inc.
Test Environments: The Weakest Link in Your Testing Chain[presentation]

Test environments are an important part of our testing portfolio, yet often we seem to spend very little time planning, creating, and maintaining them.

Julie Gardiner, Grove Consultants
Improving Software Testing: One Organization's Journey[presentation]

In the coming years, testers will be placed under ever increasing pressure.

Joachim Herschmann, Borland Software
System Integration Testing of Portable Devices[presentation]

System integration testing of portable devices delivered as part of a larger system is often not recognized by project managers, developers, and even some testers as a critical component of the testing effort.

JeanAnn Harrison, CardioNet, Inc.
Toward 21st Century Automation for Agile Testing[presentation]

As more companies move to agile software delivery approaches, new challenges and dynamics are impacting their testing practices.

Dietmar Strasser, Micro Focus
Choosing the Right Test Cases for Automation[presentation]

With hopes of reducing testing cost and effort, companies often look to test automation as the cure-all for their problems. However, without clear and practical objectives, a test automation project is bound to fail.

Pradeep Kumar, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Test Planning: Defining Boundaries and Setting Expectations[presentation]

Is testing often the last thing considered in your projects? Does your test team always seem out of the loop? Then, Jane Fraser can help you. She describes a process in which testers focus on reaching consensus with the whole project team.

Jane Fraser, Electronic Arts
Managing a Successful User Acceptance Test[presentation]

It's just days before you plan to go live with the new system. The User Acceptance Test (UAT) is the only thing that stands in the way. Will it be successful? Will the users devote the time they committed to so long ago to perform the tests?

Sara Jones, SAIC
STARWEST 2009: Resistance as a Resource: Moving Your Organization to Higher Quality[presentation]

As a tester, you are an agent of change and a creative, intelligent, and insightful member of your team. You have good ideas about how to improve your organization and its products. You make your proposal.

Dale Emery, Consultant
Seven Factors for Agile Testing Success[presentation]

What do testers need to do differently to be successful on an agile project? How can agile development teams employ testers’ skills and experience for maximum value to the project?

Janet Gregory, DragonFire Inc.
STARWEST 2009: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Automation Testers[presentation]

In many organizations, test automation is becoming a specialized career path.

Mukesh Mulchandani, ZenTEST Labs
Make Defects Pay with Root Cause Analysis[presentation]

Although finding and fixing a defect can improve software quality, often its greatest value is to use the defect as a catalyst for preventing a similar problem in the future.

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services, Inc.
Managing a Globally Distributed Test Organization[presentation]

Although many businesses have successfully outsourced software development and testing activities, managing a truly globally distributed test organization comes with a unique set of challenges.

Anu Kak, PayPal
Detective Work for Testers: Finding Workflow-based Defects[presentation]

Workflow-based Web application security defects are especially difficult on enterprises because they evade traditional simple point-and-scan vulnerability detection techniques.

Rafal Los, Hewlett-Packard Application Security Center
Coloring Outside the Lines: Web Services Interoperability Testing[presentation]

Web services interoperability testing is complex, subjective, and unlike traditional testing in many ways. The Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) organization provides a wealth of materials and tools about interoperability.

Christopher Ferris, IBM Software Group, Standards Strategy


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