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Dissecting the Product Owner Role[article]

Like "coach" and "ScrumMaster," "product owner" is a new term for a new role. While coach and ScrumMaster are completely new roles added by agile methods, the product owner is an extension of an existing role—or rather, it is an extension to two existing roles. Whatever the role is called, it is concerned with deciding what should be in the next iteration, prioritizing work, providing guidance on what is being built, and ensuring value is created.

Allan Kelly's picture Allan Kelly
When to Ship? Choosing Quality Metrics[presentation]

It's time to ship your product and you're looking at pages of data about the testing work you've done over the last year. How well does this data prepare you for making the recommendation to ship the product or delay it-perhaps once again?

Alan Page, Microsoft
Taking Control Using Virtual Test Lab Automation[presentation]

Due to more complex software and environments, the expectations placed on software labs have grown significantly.

Jim Singh, VMLogix, Inc.
"A" is for Abstraction - Managing Change in Successful Test Automation[presentation]

Implementing a test automation project can be like a mountain climbing expedition-many find the task daunting, some attempt it, and only a few are successful.

Mark Meninger, Research In Motion
Applying Test Design Concepts in the Real World[presentation]

Have you ever read a book, taken a class, or attended a conference session on test design concepts that you never actually incorporated into your work? Have others on your team rejected new design techniques that appeared promising to you?

Marie Was, CNA Insurance
The Strategic Alignment of Testing and Development[presentation]

Strategic alignment between testing and development is vital for successful systems development. Missing, however, have been actionable, how-to approaches for assessing and enhancing this alignment.

Jasbir Dhaliwal, FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis
Agile Testing in the Large: Stories and Patterns of Transformation[presentation]

You're part of a large test organization that has invested money, sweat, and tears in test processes, plans, cases, and automation tools that have served you well. You've built a team that excels in your development environment.

Robert Galen, Software Testing Consultant
STAREAST 2009: Measuring the Value of Testing[presentation]

Value is based on objectives, so why do we test? We test to find defects effectively, gain confidence in the software, and assess risk.

Dorothy Graham, Software Testing Consultant
Virtual Test Labs: The Next Frontier[presentation]

Are you spending too much time setting up test environments? Do you have too many "can't repro" defects? Test lab virtualization may be the answer you're looking for.

Darshan Desai, Microsoft
Improving Your Testing Assets Through Domain Modeling[presentation]

Just as agile approaches have made inroads in development, FitNesse is doing the same in acceptance testing. Many testers rely heavily on FitNesse to improve collaboration and communication among the product owner, developers, and testers.

Renato Quedas, Borland Software
Using Data Objects to Create Effective Test Data[presentation]

Fact-the quality of test data directly impacts the quality of testing. Traditional manual methods for creating test data are laborious, time consuming, often ineffective, and error prone.

Huw Price, Grid-Tools Ltd.
A Pragmatic Approach to Improving Your Testing Process[presentation]

Although most test managers know they need to improve their processes, many don't know how to go about it. How do you understand the effectiveness of your current test process and then move forward for quick wins and long-term gains?

Clive Bates, Grove Consultants
When Everyone is Ready to Quit: Rebuilding the Team[presentation]

What would you do if everyone on your new team wanted to quit? Learn how one test manager went from a demoralized team of almost quitters to one of the most satisfied, sought after, and effective teams in the company-all within one year.

Rachel Pilgrim, Travelocity
Practical Security Testing for Web Applications[presentation]

Testing teams are generally quite efficient at testing Web applications through a wide range of functional data, business processes, and click streams.

Rafal Los, Hewlett-Packard Application Security Center
An Open Source Tool for RIA/Ajax Testing[presentation]

Building rich Internet applications (RIA) using Ajax is challenging partly because of all the variations in browser performance and functional issues.

Frank Cohen, PushToTest


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