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Agile Leadership: Coaching Great Teams[presentation]

When adopting agile methods, many project managers find it difficult to move from a traditional, control-based model to a servant-leader based model.

Robert Galen, RGCG, LLC
The Psychology of Software Engineers[presentation]

The personality traits of software engineers tend to be quite different from those of the general population. In recent years, psychologists have come to a nearly unanimous consensus on the number and nature of human personality dimensions.

James McCaffrey, Volt Information Sciences, Inc.
Decision Making Under Extreme Pressure: Lessons Learned from Pilots in Crisis[presentation]

Controlled Flight Into Terrain is an interesting book containing case studies of poor decisions made by pilots under extreme pressure.

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering
Answer the Call: Help Product Owners Define and Prioritze Requirements[presentation]

Numerous software development methodologies are available to provide project teams excellent guidance on how to build systems right. But how do we know that we are building the right systems?

Kent McDonald, Knowledge Bridge Partners
Early Defect Detection for Software Analysis and Design[presentation]

For large software development projects, the most important decisions-and the most expensive mistakes-are made at the beginning of the project.

Vladimir Pavlov, International Software & Productivity Engineer Institution
You Just Don't Understand Me: Interdisciplinary Awareness to the Rescue[presentation]

Different disciplines and departments in an organization often have the same goals, but often misunderstand one another.

Michael Tholfsen, Microsoft Corporation
A Kanban System for Software Engineering[presentation]

Ideas from Lean Thinking have been growing in popularity with the Agile software development community.

David Anderson, Modus Cooperandi
Better Software Conference & EXPO 2008: Pragmatic Agility - Principles, Not Dogma[presentation]

You've got questions. Andy Hunt has answers. What is agile software development all about? Why the sudden popularity of agile? Why is it fundamentally different from other approaches? Will it work for my organization and me?

Andrew Hunt, Pragmatic Programmers
Bandages or Tombstones? Distinguishing Between Minor Setbacks and Impending Doom[presentation]

Are the challenges confronting your project normal and treatable setbacks or signs of something more serious? Can we treat them with a Band-Aid® and a kiss? Should we call the ambulance? The undertaker?

Payson Hall, Catalysis Group Inc
The Give and Take of Design Criticism[presentation]

Have you ever engaged in a design discussion where people didn't play fair? Do you have trouble giving advice that sticks or accepting criticism of your own work?

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Wirfs-Brock Associates
Beyond User Stories: Managing Requirements by Business Need[presentation]

The use of stories in agile projects is commonplace. However, teams in many organizations have discovered limitations in the user story's narrow view in complex projects.

Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives
Lessons Learned in Programmer Testing[presentation]

It has been more than six years since the first release of NUnit 2.0, an open source unit testing tool. In that time, literally millions of tests have been written using the tool.

James Newkirk, Microsoft Corporation
More than the Process Police: CMMI® Process and Product Quality Assurance[presentation]

For organizations to succeed in process improvement efforts, they must determine whether newly introduced processes are, in fact, being adopted by managers and practitioners.

Will McKnight, Next Level Consultants
Agile in the Non-Agile Enterprise: Hurdling Obstacles[presentation]

Agile is entering the mainstream as a software development practice and leading wider organizational change in many companies.

Michele Sliger, Sliger Consulting, Inc.
Flow, Pull, Innovate: The Secrets to Agile Adoption[presentation]

Jean Tabaka provides straightforward guidance on how teams can begin their agile journey and learn to mature and scale into more and more discipline.

Jean Tabaka, Rally Software Development


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