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Better Software Conference & EXPO 2008: Automating Security Testing with cUrl and Perl[presentation]

Although all teams want to test their applications for security, our plates are already full with functional tests. What if we could automate those security tests?

Paco Hope, Cigital
SOA Testing Challenges and Proven Practices[presentation]

The best thing about Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is its flexibility-a heterogeneous computing environment in which different services and service providers can use different technologies; loose coupling of components to allow any appl

Guruprasad Gopalakrishnan, Wipro Technologies
Function Point Analysis: A Quick and Easy Primer[presentation]

The function point metric is used by many organizations worldwide to more accurately size systems.

David Garmus, David Consulting Group
The Impact of Poor Estimating and How to Fix It[presentation]

Running Scrum by-the-book for three months, the team was continually failing to meet its delivery commitments. As a result, trust between the business managers and the team degraded almost to a point-of-no-return.

Mitch Lacey, Ascentium
The Leadership Imperative: Creating a Culture of Trust[presentation]

In our personal and business lives, many of us know leaders who successfully foster environments of incredible creativity, innovation, and ideas-while other leaders try but fail. So, how do the top leaders get it right?

Pollyanna Pixton, Accelinnova
Beyond the Mission Statement: How Values Drive Behavior[presentation]

Companies often invest a lot of time and money into defining their mission statement, expecting it to drive employee behavior toward the stated purpose. Unfortunately this is a myth.

Michele Sliger, Sliger Consulting, Inc.
SOX and HIPPA and RESPA, Oh My! Mastering Software Compliance[presentation]

Determining whether legal and contractual issues apply to your development efforts isn't always simple. There may be some obvious factors-industry regulations, service level agreements (SLAs), and state or federal agency oversight.

Elle Ringham, Cognizant
Software Security Assessment: The Naked Truth[presentation]

With software running our most critical business processes, we need to think about both its utility and the risk it can add to those processes.

Herbert Thompson, Peoples Security
A Toolkit for Assessing SOA Readiness[presentation]

Before charging "full speed ahead" into the land of service-oriented architecture (SOA), you need help to ensure success and mitigate the risks inherent in such major systems changes.

Jerry Smith, Symphony Services
The Uncertainty Surrounding the Cone of Uncertainty[presentation]

Barry Boehm first defined the "Cone of Uncertainty" of software estimation more than twenty-five years ago. The fundamental aspect of the cone is quite intuitive-that project uncertainty decreases as you discover more during the project.

Todd Little, Landmark Graphics Corporation
Continuous Integration: The Cornerstone of a Great Shop[presentation]

Jared Richardson believes that of all the development practices being promoted today the best single practice is continuous integration.

Jared Richardson, 6th Sense Analytics
Your Attention Please: Concentration is a Learnable Skill[presentation]

With the possible exception of the fakir walking barefoot on a bed of nails, no one can focus attention on a single object for more than about fifteen seconds.

Lee Devin, Swarthmore College
Fifteen Tips for Speeding up Your Project[presentation]

Faster is better for software projects-if and only if all the right elements are in place and ready to go. Sometimes your organization is in a sweet spot-that period of time when your project should start immediately.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
Eight Steps to a Virtualized Test Environment[presentation]

Virtualized software test environments deliver quantifiable benefits-lower lab costs, faster test cycles, and lower IT support overhead.

John Janakiraman, Illumita
Who Are Your Project Stakeholders?[presentation]

It's easy to list all the stakeholders and identify different types of users for your software project-WRONG!

Linda Westfall, The Westfall Team


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