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Ensuring Quality Requirements[presentation]

Quality assurance is more than just testing software through processing a series of controlled inputs and outputs. It must also include an assessment of all the deliverables associated with the project.

Donald Haynes, Synova
Agile Adoption - Challenges and Strategies for New Teams[presentation]

In coaching diverse teams on their roads to agile adoption, Rachel Weston has had the opportunity to witness and assist with the different challenges and pitfalls they experience.

Rachel Weston, Rally Software Development
Better Software Conference & EXPO 2009: When to Step Up, When to Step Back[presentation]

Leaders can stifle progress when they unnecessarily interfere with team processes. However, as a leader, you don't want your project to go over the cliff and fail miserably or deliver the wrong results either.

Pollyanna Pixton, Accelinnova
Identify and Maximize Business Value in Development[presentation]

Organizations often invest great sums of money and talent in software projects-often to no good end.

Paul Robinson, The College Board
In Defense of Waterfall: Deconstructing the Agile Manifesto[presentation]

A long history of failed software projects using traditional waterfall methodologies was one inspiration for agile development methods. Regarded as novel and even radical a decade ago, agile methods are now widely adopted.

Kenneth Katz, DST Output
Making Smart Choices: Strategies for CMMI Adoption[presentation]

The CMMI® model was written to apply to a variety of project environments-defense, commercial, development, maintenance, services, and small to large project teams.

Rick Hefner, Northrop Grumman Corporation
What Your QA Program Is Missing[presentation]

Many software development organizations have a Quality Assurance (QA) component.

Dawn Haynes, PerfTestPlus, Inc.
Table-Driven Requirements with the FIT Testing Tool[presentation]

Eliciting and articulating customer requirements-clearly and precisely-is difficult to say the least. Inaccuracies often creep in when translating requirements from business ideas into software models.

Ken Pugh, Net Objectives
Transitioning Your Software Process to Agile[presentation]

Agile software development presents an appealing array of possibilities for building better software-customer focused development, high team communication, frequent releases of production-ready software, and early lifecycle testing.

Jeffery Payne, Coveros, Inc.
Getting Ready for Your First Iteration - Cancelled[presentation]

Many agilists take little time to prepare for the first planning session of their first iteration on a new project. They dive right into the "work" and, sometimes, ultimately deliver software that lacks much value.

David Hussman, DevJam
Weathering the Storm: Navigating Through Resource Constrained Waters[presentation]

An economic storm is upon us, with rough waters, dark skies, and hard choices on the horizon. Have you taken action to prepare your projects for challenges when "business as usual" seems a likely recipe for disaster?

Payson Hall, Catalysis Group Inc
What's More Important: Being Agile or Creating Value?[presentation]

Agile processes and tools have become very popular over the past few years. They promise success where many organizations have had failures.

Jonathan Kohl, Kohl Concepts Inc.
A Manager's Role in Agile Development: The Light Bulb Moment[presentation]

Many managers have a large part of their personal identities wrapped up in their jobs and company responsibilities. We define who we are by what we do for a living.

Michele Sliger, Sliger Consulting, Inc.
The Dirty Little Secret of Business[presentation]

Regardless of your role in the software lifecycle, there are challenges and roadblocks that stand in your way. How can you deal with difficult people who are obstacles to your ability to deliver?

Andy Kaufman, Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development
Some Not-So-Crazy Ways to Do More with Less[presentation]

When the world goes sideways, most people freeze, waiting for some clear signal of what to do. That's a really bad idea!

Tim Lister, The Atlantic Systems Guild Inc


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