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Test Automation Techniques for Dynamic and Data Intensive Systems[presentation]

If you think you're doing everything right with test automation but it just won't scale, join the crowd.

Chris Condron, The Hanover Insurance Group
Exploratory Testing: The Next Generation[presentation]

Exploratory testing is sometimes associated with "ad hoc" testing, randomly navigating through an application. However, emerging exploratory techniques are anything but ad hoc.

David Elizondo, Microsoft Corporation
STARWEST 2008: Test Estimation: Painful or Painless?[presentation]

As an experienced test manager, Lloyd Roden believes that test estimation is one of the most difficult aspects of test management.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants
STARWEST 2008: The Case Against Test Cases[presentation]

A test case is a kind of container. You already know that counting the containers in a supermarket would tell you little about the value of the food they contain. So, why do we count test cases executed as a measure of testing's value?

James Bach, Satisfice, Inc.
STARWEST 2008: What Price Truth? When a Tester is Asked to Lie[presentation]

As testers and test managers, our job is to tell the truth about the current state of the software on our projects.

Fiona Charles, Quality Intelligence Inc.
Automate API with White-box Tests with windows PowerShell[presentation]

Although a myriad of testing tools have emerged over the years, only a few focus on the area of API testing for Windows-based applications.

Nikhil Bhandari, Intuit
STARWEST 2008: Understanding Test Coverage[presentation]

Test coverage of application functionality is often poorly understood and always hard to measure. If they do it at all, many testers express coverage in terms of numbers, as a percentage or proportion-but a percentage of what?

Michael Bolton, DevelopSense
Great Test Teams Don't Just Happen[presentation]

Test teams are just groups of people who work on projects together. But how do great test teams become great? More importantly, how can you lead your team to greatness?

Jane Fraser, Electronic Arts
Fun with Regulated Testing[presentation]

Does your test process need to pass regulatory audits (FDA, SOX, ISO, etc.)? Do you find that an endless queue of documentation and maintenance is choking your ability to do actual testing? Is your team losing good testers due to boredom?

John McConda, Mobius Test Labs
STARWEST 2008: Five Things Every Tester Must Do[presentation]

Are you a frustrated tester or test manager? Are you questioning whether or not a career in testing is for you? Do you wonder why others in your organization seem unenthusiastic about quality?

Julie Gardiner, Grove Consultants
Adventures with Test Monkey's[presentation]

Most test automation focuses on regression testing-repeating the same sequence of tests to reveal unexpected behavior.

John Fodeh, Hewlett-Packard
Using Failure modes to Power up Your Testing[presentation]

When a tester uncovers a defect, it usually gets fixed. The tester validates the fix and may add the test to a regression test suite. Often, both the test and defect are then forgotten.

Dawn Haynes, PerfTestPlus, Inc.
The Myth of Risk Mangement[presentation]

Although test managers are tasked with helping manage project risks, risk management practices used on most software projects produce only an illusion of safety.

Pete McBreen, Software Craftsmanship Inc
Testing Microsoft Office: Experiences you Can Leverage to Drive Quality Upstream[presentation]

Have you experienced those weeks when the new features being added to builds just flat out don't work? Do you strive to have a testable build throughout the full product development cycle?

Tara Roth, Microsoft Corporation
Has the Time for the Adversarial Organization Passed?[presentation]

The concept of an independent test organization is considered a "best practice" by many experts in the industry. Is this degree of autonomy actually a good thing in the real world today?

Gerard Meszaros, Independent Consultant


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