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Optimize Your Testing with Virtual Test Lab Automation[presentation]

The complex nature of software development often requires testing on multiple hardware platforms, operating systems, Web and application servers, and databases.

Brad Johnson, Borland - The Open ALM Company
Avoid Preformance Testing Data Deception[presentation]

Don't be fooled by your performance test results. Performance testing can easily generate an unwieldy amount of data-some relevant and some not.

Ben Simo, Standard & Poor's
STAREAST 2008: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Automation Testers[presentation]

In many organizations, test automation is becoming a specialized career path.

Mukesh Mulchandani, ZenTEST Labs
STAREAST 2008: Understanding Test Coverage[presentation]

Test coverage of application functionality is often poorly understood and always hard to measure. If they do it at all, many testers express coverage in terms of numbers, as a percentage or proportion-but a percentage of what?

Michael Bolton, DevelopSense
Learning From the Past: Leveraging Defect Data[presentation]

If test improvement activities are to be successful, we must convince management that our efforts are focused on areas with significant payback opportunities.

Brian Robinson, ABB Inc.
Preformance Testing in Enterprise Application Environments[presentation]

As systems become more complex--serving the enterprise and implemented on the Web and across the Internet-performance testing is becoming more important and more difficult.

David Chadwick, IBM
For Success, Build Record/Playback into Your Application[presentation]

Stories about failed attempts to automate functional testing are very easy to find and have given the record/playback style test automation a black eye.

Gerard Meszaros, ClearStream Consulting
Monty Python's Flying Test Lab[presentation]

And now for something completely different ... Monty Python's Flying Circus revolutionized comedy and brought zany British humor to a world-wide audience.

Robert Sabourin, Inc
The ROI of Testing[presentation]

In today's competitive business environment, corporations need and demand a good return on investment (ROI) for everything they do-and testing is no exception.

Shaun Bradshaw, Questcon Technologies, A Division of Howard Systems Intl.
Today's Top Ten Controversies in Testing[presentation]

Having been in the IT industry for thirty years, Lloyd Roden believes that we often adopt behaviors even though there is little evidence that they are correct or beneficial.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants
GUI Testing for Multi-language Applications[presentation]

An analysis of defect reports on several multi-language projects demonstrated that, for localization, almost 80% of the bugs were cosmetic issues.

Marco Torres, Citrix Systems Japan R&D
Perils and Pitfalls of the New Agile Tester[presentation]

If your background is testing on traditional projects, you are used to receiving something called "requirements" to develop test cases--and sometime later receiving an operational system to test.

Janet Gregory, DragonFire Inc.
Systematic Test Design...All on One Page[presentation]

Good test design is a key ingredient for effective and efficient testing.

Peter Zimmerer, Siemens AG
Testing Disasters and Turnarounds[presentation]

It's good to learn from your own mistakes, but even better to learn from the mistakes of others. Randy Rice presents case studies of testing projects that have gone horribly wrong and reveals the one characteristic they all have in common.

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services Inc
Growing Our Industry: Cultivating Testing[presentation]

Although software testing is a relatively young discipline, immaturity is not the only reason we are still developing our methods, professional qualifications, trade associations, and its position in the software industry and society.

Isabel Evans, Testing Solutions Group Ltd


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