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Artful Making for Agile Teams[presentation]

The phrase "working together" is based on a team collaboration metaphor.

Stacia Broderick, Agile Evolution, Inc
Balancing Emergent Design with Big Design Up Front[presentation]

Big Design Up Front (BDUF) is a design technique that has been part of the development cycle for decades. Unfortunately, fully specifying a software design in the presence of change without a crystal ball is rarely effective.

James Waletzky, Microsoft Corporation
Do The Right Thing: Adapting Requirements Practices to Agile Projects[presentation]

Break out of the cookie-cutter mentality that some agile teams take toward requirements. Join Ellen Gottesdiener to explore what requirements models you should use to supplement (or replace) user stories for large projects.

Ellen Gottesdiener, EBG Consulting, Inc.
Guerilla Agile: Stop Playing Schedule Games[presentation]

Chances are good that if you've worked on a project, you've encountered a schedule game or two (maybe, three or four). As part of a team, you may have seen Schedule Chicken played by management or Ninety Percent Done played by team members.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
Decision Making in Agile Teams: The Key to High Performance[presentation]

Agile teams are encouraged to act collaboratively and make decisions as a team. And yet, some decisions must occur outside of the full team's consensus.

Jean Tabaka, Rally Software Development
Five Practical Solutions to Agile Myths[presentation]

The results are in-many ideas in the agile canon can actually decrease your velocity and slowly poison your code. James Coplien examines five of these common practices, why they can be harmful, and how to avoid their pitfalls.

James Coplien, Nordija A/S
Toward a More Agile Culture[presentation]

Culture is all about values and beliefs in action.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc
Looking Toward the Future of Agile[presentation]

Agile methodologies are enjoying increased adoption and relevance. Will they continue to do so as time goes on? We understand that business needs change over time-sometimes quite rapidly.

Andy Hunt, The Pragmatic Programmers
Scaling Agile Processes[presentation]

Agile processes are revolutionizing the software development industry. Projects embracing agile development are expected to be faster and more efficient than traditional software development.

Jutta Eckstein, Jutta Eckstein
Overcoming Waterfallacies and AgilePhobias: Tales of Resistance and Woe[presentation]

If there's so much to like about agile, why do some team members resist it so strongly? Mike Cohn explores two of the main reasons for resistance to agile: Waterfallacies and AgilePhobias.

Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software
Welcome to the Mainstream[presentation]

As agile software development leaves the early adoption stage and moves solidly into the mainstream, Mary Poppendieck reminds us that fads in software development have come and gone before. What makes us think that agile is different?

Mary Poppendieck, Poppendieck LLC
Think Like a Tester[article]

After more than thirty years in information technology, the last fourteen spent focused on testing and quality assurance, Dale Perry has come to believe everyone can benefit from thinking like a tester. In this article, Dale offers comical, yet serious, insight on how a tester views airport bathroom stall designs.

Dale Perry's picture Dale Perry
How To Choose Quality Candidates/Consultants for Your Large Company Agile Initiative[article]

We created this set of questions to help corporate managers select Agile-experienced consultants and candidate employees for project work. Assembling a team of qualified Agile people is one thing, but the fact that some Agile practices and principles mean different things to different people makes it even harder to succeed in staffing your initiatives.


Daryl  Kulak's picture Daryl Kulak
goal illustration How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Prioritization[article]

Managing an agile project based on uncensored "Very High," "High," and "Low Priority" user stories or backlog items used to induce stress on Jeff Patton. So he learned to implement a combination of prioritization techniques to get these lists--and the job--under control. In this week's column, find out how Jeff utilizes MoSCoW and business goals to make sense of prioritization.

Jeff Patton's picture Jeff Patton
Keys to Top-Notch Estimates[magazine]

If the construction industry estimated projects as poorly as the IT industry does, we would still be living in mud huts. Yet inaccurate project estimates have become the norm in the software industry. Find out how you can turn your estimates into reasonable predictions of project performance.


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