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Building a Fully-Virtualized Test Lab[presentation]

For many organizations, creating a testing environment to replicate every combination of hardware and software that their users have is cost prohibitive.

Ian Robinson, VMware
Testing for the Five Most Dangerous Security Vulnerabilities[presentation]

Today, secure applications are vital for every organization. Security attacks seem to come from every corner of the globe. If your applications are breached, your organization could lose millions.

Joe Basirico, Security Innovation LLC
Ruby And WATIR: Your New Test Automation Tools[presentation]

Ready to start writing your own test scripts? Not sure of what tools to use? Kalen Howell discovered Ruby, a powerful scripting language that is easy to learn. Using Ruby led Kalen to WATIR, an open source tool written in Ruby.

Kalen Howell, LexisNexis
Implementing a Final Regression Test Process[presentation]

After applications move into production, it is vital that subsequent additions or modifications are thoroughly tested and that the entire system is re-tested to ensure that it still functions after these changes.

Jeff Tatelman, Avaya
Quantifying the Value of Your Testing to Management[presentation]

Congratulations, you're a true testing expert. You know all there is to know about test planning, design, execution and reporting, performance tests, usability tests, regression tests, agile, SCRUM, and all the rest. But it’s still

Arya Barirani, Mercury
Software Disasters and Lessons Learned[presentation]

Software defects come in many forms--from those that cause a brief inconvenience to those that cause fatalities.

Patricia McQuaid, Cal Poly State University
Security Testing: From Threat to Attack to Fix[presentation]

Based on his years of experience in security testing, Julian Harty believes that most system stakeholders don't understand-or even recognize-the need for security testing. Perhaps they will pay an external consultant to perform an

Julian Harty, Google, Inc.
STARWEST 2006: Positioning your Test Automation Team as a Product[presentation]

Test automation teams are typically created with the expectation of facilitating faster testing and higher product quality. To achieve these goals, the test

Satya Mantena, Nielsen Media Research
Back to the Beginning: Testing Principles Revisited[presentation]

In 1976, Glenford Myers listed a set of testing principles in his book Software Reliability. Computing has changed dramatically since those days! iPods have more computing power than the Apollo spacecraft. Testing has even been

Erik Petersen, Emprove
The Nine "Forgettings"[presentation]

People forget things. Simple things like keys, passwords, and the names of friends long ago. People forget more important things like passports, anniversaries, and backing up data. But Lee Copeland is concerned with things

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering
More Stress, Less Distress[magazine]

An overwhelmingly harsh test will expose dramatic vulnerabilities, but stress testing requires sensitivity to the unexpected. In this article, Michael Bolton directs readers out of the automated-testing comfort zone and toward better methods of spotting unanticipated problems.

Michael Bolton's picture Michael Bolton
Offshore Testing: The PITS?[article]

Offshore resources have proved useful, and companies continue to try and cash in on the cost savings. But those savings might not be what you or your company expected. In this column, Linda Hayes warns that outsourcing has some pitfalls we should always look out for.

Linda Hayes's picture Linda Hayes
Taking Off to the Smart Shore[article]

Offshore and onshore development, outsourcing, and the relocation of IT jobs to low-cost countries are headlines we see in everyday news. Jochen Krebs has played several different roles in software engineering throughout his career. From those experiences he shares some thoughts and ideas about current industry trends regarding outsourcing. The scenarios in this article, "Inside the Project," lead to the second part, which will offer a critical view on those trends. The last part, will address trends for a better offshore approach.

Jochen Krebs's picture Jochen Krebs
Be a Sub Commander[article]

Projects involving subcontracts have their own special kinds of risks and problems. In this column, Peter Clark offers advice on how to use leverage and visibility to minimize the risks and help ensure the successful delivery of the required scope when working with subcontractors.

Peter Clark's picture Peter Clark
Managing Offshore XP Teams: Organizational Models and Tools[article]

The essence of Extreme Programming (XP) is making the customer a part of the team who works very closely with the developers, ideally communicating on a daily basis. However, what about a situation where your development team is offshore? Is it possible to have the best of both worlds, realizing the gains of offshoring without losing the benefits of XP? How do you keep the momentum and the communication flow going, at the same time ensuring seamless integration of the deliverables into the customer's production environment at the XP pace?

Peter Vaihansky's picture Peter Vaihansky


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