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A Look at[magazine]

Getting approval for time and resources is a big challenge. Geoff Horne takes a look at how can help provide test managers with fair and reasonable estimates.

Geoff Horne's picture Geoff Horne
Tapping into Testing Nirvana[magazine]

As the initial, positive vibes of unit testing begin to fade, Tod Golding goes in search of whatever it is that sends some developers into a seemingly ongoing state of unit-testing nirvana. Respect your unit tests, Grasshopper, and find your testing center.

Tod Golding's picture Tod Golding
The Blind Men and the Quality Elephant[magazine]

Lee Copeland takes a look at quality assessment through the filter of John Godfrey Saxe's poem "The Blind Men and the Elephant" and offers an important lesson: When assessing quality, make sure everyone on your project is looking for the same thing.

Lee Copeland's picture Lee Copeland
Test to Impress: Getting the Most Out of Ajax Developer Tools[magazine]

Ajax applications are very popular and can be flexible and dynamic, but only if you find the bugs first. Stuart Halloway has the details on tools that Ajax developers use and that will keep your applications dressed to the nines.

Stuart Halloway's picture Stuart Halloway
QA All-Stars: Building Your Dream Team[magazine]

A testing team can mean success or failure for a project, but developing a team means more than putting a few people together and telling them to test something. Hans Buwalda shares his teambuilding experiences and gives some tips on how you can build the best team for the job.

Hans Buwalda's picture Hans Buwalda
Code Improvement: Five Practices to Help Spread the Joy of Great Code Design[magazine]

The software we produce is like the neighborhoods in which we live--the blueprints aren't as important as the enjoyment of simply using it. The best design brings joy to both those who create it and those who use it. Jeff Grover and Zhon Johansen detail five practices to help you spread the joy.

Jeff Grover's picture Jeff Grover
A Bug's Life[presentation]

The quality of software is directly related to the number and severity of bugs in software when it goes into production.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants
The Power of Continous Integration with Automated Unit Tests[presentation]

Better, faster, cheaper-the mantra of many software methodologies and tools. Can it ever be true?

Jeffrey Fredrick, Agitar Software Inc
Software Metrics to Improve Release Management[presentation]

In large organizations with multiple groups or multiple projects, developing consistent and useful metrics for release management is highly challenging.

Nirmala Ramarathnam, The MathWorks Inc
Agile Offshore Development: An Oxymoron?[presentation]

Companies that master Agile development in a multi-shore environment can benefit from reduced calendar time to implement new features, early development feedback to make course corrections, and increased development team responsiveness to cha

Roger Nessier, Symphony Services
Successful Software Managment: Fifteen Lessons Learned[presentation]

We normally think about process improvement as something applied to projects. But process improvement is also for people-and even for managers.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
Managing Upward: Getting Approvals for the Tools You Need[presentation]

Executive management does not like to spend money (on others); however, to build better software you may need to purchase better tools.

Doug Smith, Aberro Software
Validation: What It Means in an FDA Regulated Environment[presentation]

Even though formal validation may not be required in unregulated environments, many mission-critical applications could benefit from performing some of the same activities required for FDA regulated systems.

Chrys Kyee, Genentech Inc
Testing SOA Middleware: Automating What You Can't See[presentation]

SOA projects employing Web services have multiple back-end integration points, volatile data, and no direct, visible user interface. Together, these factors make SOA applications complicated to test.

Jon Howarth, Wells Fargo
Industry Benchmarks: Insights and Pitfalls[presentation]

Software and technology managers often quote industry benchmarks such as The Standish Group's CHAOS report on software project failures; other organizations use this data to judge their internal operations.

Jim Brosseau, Clarrus Consulting Group, Inc.


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