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Translating Business Risks into a Risk-Based Test Plan[presentation]

We all know that testing should be based on business risks. In practice, test managers often go from those risks to test coverage in an ad-hoc, intuitive way.

Ruud Teunissen, POLTEQ IT Services BV
STAREAST 2006: Session-Based Exploratory Testing: A Large Project Adventure[presentation]

You know the story: Marketing wants more features, faster release cycles, and release dates that do not slip. Customers want new functions and software that does not break.

George Bliss, Captaris
Managing Successful Outsourcing Projects[presentation]

Global teams are increasingly becoming a reality with advancement in networking and internet technologies. You may have part of your team on west coast, east coast, in Europe or Asia.

Samir Shah, Microsoft Corporation
STAREAST 2006: All I Need to Know about Testing I Learned from Dr. Seuss[presentation]

Through the stories and parables of Theodor Geisel, we can learn simple, yet remarkably powerful approaches for solving testing problems.

Robert Sabourin, Inc
Deal Me In: Playing the Mangage Your Manager Game[presentation]

We all have managers above us with whom we must deal-and how we deal with them requires skill and practice. To be successful and help a team be its best, you, as a test manager, need daily practice at managing your manager(s).

Jon Hagar, Lockheed Martin
SOA and Web Services Testing Involve the Whole Team[presentation]

Serious enterprise application development is moving to Service Oriented Architectures as companies try to leverage existing applications while meeting new customer demands.

John Michelsen, iTKO, Inc.
The Art of Exploration[presentation]

In order for exploratory testing to be perceived as a valuable process by all stakeholders in the organization, we need to make sure the result of that testing-our documentation-is presented with the same professionalism and attention to deta

David Gilbert, Sirius Software Quality Associates, Inc.
She Said, He Heard: Challenges and Triumphs in Global Outsourcing[presentation]

You are asked to put together a QA group in India that will work in tandem with your US team to provide twenty-four hour support for a global financial company.

Judy Hallstrom, Franklin Templeton Investments
You'll Be Surprised by the Things Testers Miss[presentation]

Why do some bugs lie undetected until live operation of the software and then almost immediately bite us?

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions
The Last Presentation on Test Estimation You Will Ever Need to Attend[presentation]

Estimating the test effort for a project has always been a thorn in the test manager's side. How do you get close to something reasonable when there are so many variables to consider?

Geoff Horne, Geoff Horne Testing
Risk-Based Testing in Practice[presentation]

The testing community has been talking about risk-based testing for quite a while, and now most projects apply some sort of implicit risk-based testing approach.

Erik van Veenendaal, Improve Quality Services BV
Testing and the Flow of Value in Software Development[presentation]

High quality software should be measured by the value it delivers to customers, and high quality software process should be measured by the continual flow of customer value.

Sam Guckenheimer, Microsoft
Model-Based Security Testing[presentation]

Preventing the release of exploitable software defects is critical for all applications. Traditional software testing approaches are insufficient, and generic tools are incapable of properly targeting your code.

Kyle Larsen, Microsoft Corporation
Don't Whine - Build Your Own Test Tools[presentation]

The highly customized hardware-software system making up the new flight operations system for the world's largest airline did not lend itself to off-the-shelf tools for test automation.

Clay Bailey, IBM
Patterns for Reusable Test Cases[presentation]

You can think of Q-Patterns as a structured set of questions (tests) about the different aspects of a software application under test. They are questions about the system that are categorized, grouped, sorted, and saved for reuse.

Vipul Kocher, PureTesting


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