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STARWEST 2004: The Business Case for Software Quality[presentation]

Software quality is first and foremost a business issue, and testing is often the last line of defense.

Richard Bender, Bender RBT Inc.
Conveying Performance Test Results with Data Visualization[presentation]

Performance and load testing generate barrels of data about transaction times, hardware resource utilization, and system behaviors.

Dan Downing, Mentora Inc
Asia as a Test Outsource Center[presentation]

Outsourcing testing software projects to countries in Asia is a trend that is here to stay. You have a growing number of choices for an outsourcing country in Asia-India, China, Taipei, Korea, and others.

Jacob Hsu, Symbio Group
Test Automation using Scripting Languages[presentation]

Unless you have an automation tool for functional testing, you probably do not have time to execute all the manual tests you should.

Dion Johnson, DiJohn Innovative Consulting
STARWEST 2004: Testing Dialogues - Technical Issues[presentation]

Is there an important technical test issue bothering you? Or, as a test engineer, are you looking for some career advice?

Facilitated by Esther Derby and Elisabeth Hendrickson
Rescuing a Runaway Test Project[presentation]

As a testing consultant Geoff Horne often is called upon to help rescue runaway testing projects. In this presentation, Geoff looks at common causes of such problems, what to do to remedy them, and how to prevent their recurrence.

Geoff Horne, iSQA
The Four Schools of Software Testing[presentation]

Testing experts often disagree. Why? Different testers have different understandings of the role and mission of software testing.

Bret Pettichord, ThoughtWorks
The Journey to Successful Execution of Outsourced Testing[presentation]

Whether we like it or not, outsourcing has become mainstream in the development world and is now being imposed on testing organizations.

Rutesh Shah, InfoStretch Corporation
Load Testing the MSNBC 2002 Winter Olympics Web Site[presentation]

When the Canadian pairs figure skating controversy erupted during the 2002 Winter Olympics, TV viewers hit the MSNBC Web site with a fury.

Suzanne Wagstaff, KeyLabs
Testing In Session: Making Exploratory Testing Accountable[presentation]

Like the music in a jam session, exploratory testing is supposed to be non-scripted and spontaneous.

Jon Bach, Quardev Laboratories
Managing the Hand-off from Development[presentation]

More than half the battle in testing is managing the hand-off from development into the testing workflow. New software development technologies and methods can result in more functionality, delivered faster but with decreased testability.

Michael Hansen, WorkSoft
Testing in an Outsourced World[presentation]

Many of us have worked on projects where some or all of the development is done by third parties, sometimes in a different country.

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting
Testers and Testing in the Agile Development[presentation]

You have heard about agile software development techniques such as eXtreme Programming (XP), Scrum, and Agile Modeling (AM).

Scott Ambler, Ronin International, Inc.
I've Looked at Bugs from Both Sides Now[presentation]

Many QA and test professionals are working more closely than ever with their development counterparts, especially those using agile approaches.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.
Gotcha!...Security Testing for Mission Critical Applications[presentation]

A local television station provides a Web service that allows schools and businesses in the area to easily enter information on closures due to bad weather.

Michael Andrews, Florida Institute of Technology


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