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Why Software Quality Assurance Practices Become Evil![presentation]

Are your organization's software quality assurance practices (SQA) working well? Would some developers even say they cause discomfort or are destructive?

Gregory Pope, Univ. of California / Lawrence Livermore National Laboritory
Fault Injection to Stress Test Windows Applications[presentation]

Testing an application's robustness and tolerance for failures in its natural environment can be difficult or impossible.

Herbert Thompson, Security Innovation
Preventing Web Service Security Breaches[presentation]

Because Web services are especially vulnerable to security breaches, verifying the integrity of Web services is critical to successful deployment.

Gary Brunell, ParaSoft Corporation
Planned Chaos: Malicious Test Day[presentation]

In a test and verification organization, it can be easy to fall into predictable ruts and miss finding important defects.

Ted Rivera, Tivoli/IBM Quality Assurance
Influencing Others: Business Speak for Testers[presentation]

One of the major goals of testing is to provide information to decision-makers about the quality of the product under test and the risks of releasing or not releasing the software.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc
STAREAST 2004: Model-Based Testing for Java and Web-Based GUI Applications[presentation]

Model-based testing for Java applications is difficult with many of the tools existing today, thus requiring a scripting language that allows for the creation and manipulation of complex data structures and more.

Jeff Feldstein, Cisco Systems Inc.
Looking Past "The Project" with Open-Source Tools[presentation]

It is often difficult for testers and test teams to look beyond their current project. However, software test automation works best within frameworks that address all projects not just one.

Carl Nagle, SAS Institute Inc
Testing Web Services Interoperability[presentation]

If your development organization is developing Web services because you want independence across languages and platforms, you'll need to undertake serious interoperability testing.

John Scarborough, Disha Technologies Inc.
Quality Metrics for Testers: Evaluating Our Products -- Evaluating Ourselves[presentation]

Most programmers learn very little about testing techniques in school. This has a ripple effect through the software development cycle, often leaving quality issues until too late in the project.

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering
Enabling Technologies for Outsourced Testing[presentation]

The outsourcing of test case development, automation, and execution presents opportunities for some organizations seeking new sources of competitive advantage.

Rob Spade, Lumenare Networks
User Community Modeling Language (UCML) for Performance Testing Workloads[presentation]

Performance testers use various methods to describe user workloads-scenarios, operational profiles, and more. Understanding these workloads and accurately simulating them is one key to developing useful performance tests.

Scott Barber, Authentec
Ongoing Retrospectives: Project Reviews That Work[presentation]

As evaluators of quality, testers can often identify critical software development problems during the process. So, how do you get other members of the development team to take notice?

Lauri MacKinnon, Phase Forward Inc
Quantifying the Cost of Test Escapes[presentation]

Creating an effective test strategy is an expensive undertaking for complex software applications. While the money invested in the process is relatively easy to measure, the return on that investment (ROI) is much harder to quantify.

Duncan Lane, Hewlett-Packard
Objective Measures from Model-Based Testing[presentation]

Many businesses are looking for the right project measures as they relate to project planning, scheduling, and performance.

Mark Blackburn, Software Productivity Consortium
Evaluating Test Plans Using Rubrics[presentation]

The phrase "test plan" means different things to different people. There is even more disagreement about what makes one test plan better than another one.

Bernie Berger, Test Assured Inc.


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