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Quality Assurance and .NET: How to Effectively Test Your New .NET Applications[presentation]

If your organization is migrating to .NET, you need to be concerned about how .NET will impact your department's testing and quality assurance efforts.

Dan Koloski, Empirix Software
Introducing Test Driven Development[presentation]

You may ask, why would anyone write an automated unit test for code that has not yet been written?

Matthew Heusser, Priority-Health
Test Automation: An Architected Solution[presentation]

What does it take to produce automation "testware" that is efficient, effective, maintainable, and usable?

Dan Young, Schwab Performance Technologies
Pair-Wise Testing: Moving from Theory to Practice[presentation]

We've all heard the phrase, "You can't test everything." This axiom is particularly appropriate for testing multiple combinations of options, selections, and configurations.

Gretchen Henrich, LexisNexis
Automation Tools and Exploratory Testing: Can The First Support the Second[presentation]

As a tester you might wonder if automated testing tools are capable of supporting exploratory testing.

Mieke Gevers, Segue Software Inc
The ROI of Test Automation[presentation]

It is widely known that software inspections are a cost-effective approach for finding defects in source code as well as other project documents such as requirements specifications.

Michael Kelly, Liberty Regional Agency Markets
How to Energize Your Test Team[article]

You're waist deep in your third month of late nights, weekends, and shipping stress; you can see and feel your team's energy waning. The goal is in sight but still far off, and you need the very best from everyone to reach the goal. How are you going to motivate and energize your team to reach the finish line? This article explores the major issues test team leaders face: keeping a team motivated and knowing when it needs to be energized.

Jamie Tischart's picture Jamie Tischart
Preventing Late Tasks from Creating Late Projects[article]

We like to think that being late on one task isn't so bad because early and late completions will average out over the course of an entire project. If you flip a coin 1,000 times, it will land on heads about 500 times and on tails about 500 times. If your project has 1,000 tasks, about 500 will finish early and about 500 will finish late, right? Wrong--and many project plans are sunk by this common misperception.

Mike Cohn's picture Mike Cohn
Watching Testers in Action[article]

Why wait to see your candidate work? Implement an audition into the interviewing process and add dimension to your candidate's resume. In this column, Johanna Rothman discusses how you can increase the effectiveness of an interview by implementing a well-planned audition. Whether this audition takes place over the phone or in person, you'll gather a richer perspective of the candidate's capabilities and how easily the applicant can adapt to your working environment. Put your candidate's words to the test; the results of an audition may break the tie between two superb applicants.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
Automated API Testing: A Model-Based Approach[presentation]

API testing is difficult, even with automated support. However, with traditional automated testing solutions, the cost to create and maintain a test suite can be more than the savings realized from automated test execution.

Kirk Sayre, The University of Tennessee
Getting a Grip on Exploratory Testing[presentation]

Many testers have heard about exploratory testing, and everyone does some testing without a script or a detailed plan. But how is exploratory testing different from ad-hoc testing?

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions
Lessons Learned from End-to-End Systems Testing[presentation]

End-to-end testing of large, distributed systems is a complex and often expensive task. Interface testing at this high level involves multiple sub-systems and often requires cooperation among many groups.

Marc Bloom, Capital One Financial Corp
Testing Dialogues- Management Issues[presentation]

Looking for a way to gain feedback from you testing peers
on real-world issues? Testing dialogues are a unique
platform for you to share your ideas and learn from
experienced testers from around the world. Facilitated by

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
Beyond GUI: What You Need to Know about Database Testing[presentation]

Today's complex software systems access heterogeneous data from a variety of back-end databases. The intricate mix of client-server and Web-enabled database applications are extremely difficult to test productively.

Mary Sweeney, Exceed Training
Test Automation with Open Source Tools using An Agile Development Process[presentation]

Test automation, open source tools, and agile methods are three important trends in software development.

Peter Dignan, ProtoTest LLC


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