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Testing In Session: Making Exploratory Testing Accountable[presentation]

Like the music in a jam session, exploratory testing is supposed to be non-scripted and spontaneous.

Jon Bach, Quardev Laboratories
Managing the Hand-off from Development[presentation]

More than half the battle in testing is managing the hand-off from development into the testing workflow. New software development technologies and methods can result in more functionality, delivered faster but with decreased testability.

Michael Hansen, WorkSoft
Testing in an Outsourced World[presentation]

Many of us have worked on projects where some or all of the development is done by third parties, sometimes in a different country.

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting
Testers and Testing in the Agile Development[presentation]

You have heard about agile software development techniques such as eXtreme Programming (XP), Scrum, and Agile Modeling (AM).

Scott Ambler, Ronin International, Inc.
I've Looked at Bugs from Both Sides Now[presentation]

Many QA and test professionals are working more closely than ever with their development counterparts, especially those using agile approaches.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.
Gotcha!...Security Testing for Mission Critical Applications[presentation]

A local television station provides a Web service that allows schools and businesses in the area to easily enter information on closures due to bad weather.

Michael Andrews, Florida Institute of Technology
Automation Architectures -- Best Practices in Your Context[presentation]

How are you going to develop 1,000 or more automated test cases and run them automatically and unattended night after night?

Jamie Mitchell, Test & Automation Consulting LLC
Get Your Testing Message Across[presentation]

We all know how important test progress (or lack of) is to the success of the project. But why is it that sometimes no one takes notice? Valuable test reports provide information that is needed, not just easy to gather.

Isabel Evans, Testing Solutions Group Ltd.
Customer-Focused Verbs[article]

When building successful relationships with your customers, certain verbs such as "to respond," "to listen," and "to involve" are important and should be used. But this column is about another common place verb that's not at all customer focused: "to get." Naomi doesn't mean "to get a 50% raise for completing the project on time" or "to get a week off for creating a brilliant test plan." No, she means, "to get customers to do things your way." Learn how simple verb replacement therapy can help you build better relationships with the customer.

Naomi Karten's picture Naomi Karten
QA Preventing Failure Suffering for Success[article]

One of the most valuable services a QA group provides is preventing failure. Ironically if the group succeeds at this, QA might find themselves unpopular or out of a job. Linda Hayes reveals how typical methods of measuring success can actually cause failure. Especially if success is achieved at the loser's expense.

Linda Hayes's picture Linda Hayes
Detecting Great Testers before the In-Person Interview[article]

Resumes only tell a portion of a candidate's story just like caller ID doesn't always reveal the caller's complete identity. Screening candidates over the phone can help extract more of the person's story if you ask the right questions. In this column, Johanna Rothman shares phone-screening techniques she uses to detect great potential testers. This process of elimination saves her valuable time and ensures only qualified candidates make it to the in-person interview.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
A Strategic Approach - "Beta the Business"[presentation]

Beta testing is an industry standard practice to obtain user feedback prior to general availability of software. Have you ever considered that the Beta release can be used to validate the software's value to customers and application users?

Pete Conway, EMC Corporation
Breakthroughs in Measurement and Benchmarking[presentation]

The "business of IT" is in the limelight more than ever.

Howard Rubin, META Group Inc
Agile Project Management - Reliable Innovation[presentation]

From software to materials research to drugs to airplanes, companies are relentlessly driving the cost of change out of their new product development processes. Why?

Jim Highsmith, Cutter Consortium
Cosmic Truths about Software Requirements[presentation]

The history of many software projects shows that requirements mistakes are the most expensive ones to correct late in development. So, why do we make big requirements errors over and over, even in mission-critical software projects?

Karl Wiegers, Process Impact


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