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Achieving Software Quality Through Test Automation Process Integration[presentation]

With increasing demands for high-quality software applications in shorter development cycles, it's clear that teams need to go beyond simply running tests at the end of their development cycle.

Brian Bryson, Rational Software Corporation
The Business Case for Test Automation[presentation]

In tight economic times, it's more important than ever to show a return on technology investments, including test automation.

Linda Hayes, WorkSoft, Inc.
Get Control of Your Test Automation Project[presentation]

Developing an automated regression test bed is no easy task. In fact, according to recent studies, more than 50 percent of test automation projects fail.

Jeff Tatelman, Spherion Technology Architects
Measuring the Effectiveness of Automated Functional Testing[presentation]

Many struggle to accurately judge the value, success, and return on investment of test automation.

Ross Collard, Collard & Company
Deliver Reliable Applications Faster With the Right Tools and Processes[presentation]

Repeated attempts to decrease software time-to-market have borne a variety of processes and methodologies, resulting in dynamic development and testing environments that continue to ignore quality issues as well as budget constraints.

Dave Kapelanski, Compuware Corporation
Software Test Automation Spring 2002: Test Automation on a Shoestring: Doing More with Less[presentation]

Want to automate your tests but don't have the budget for big-league tools? Elisabeth Hendrickson offers case studies where test automation was accomplished with simple tools for small budgets.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.
Lessons Learned in Test Automation[presentation]

Can test automation really advance your testing mission? The answer to that question is a resounding "That depends!" But to make it happen you have to provide value to development and find new ways of testing.

Bret Pettichord, Pettichord Consulting
The Past, Present, and Future of Software Test Automation Tools[presentation]

Gregory Pope examines the past, present, and future of software testing tools. By contrasting the best thinking of ten years ago with what's happening today, he brings a clear and unique perspective to what the future might hold.

Gregory Pope, Gregory Pope Consulting
Taking Test Automation Mainstream[presentation]

By now, most test organizations have implemented at least one test automation tool. However, the success of these tools is by no means guaranteed. Why is it that these products often fail to meet their potential?

Andrew Pollner, ALP International Corporation
Performance: The Overlooked Quality Metric[presentation]

The amount of time allocated to quality testing is always under pressure due to slippage in development and delivery dates-this often results in performance testing being overlooked in the quality process.

Ernest Huber, TCI Solutions, Inc.
Software Test Automation Spring 2002: Test Automation With Action Words: A Practical Experience[presentation]

Action Word Testing. This concept illuminates testing as an action, a process, an art.

Hans Buwalda, LogiGear
A Practical Approach to Early-Cycle QA Test Automation[presentation]

Everyone knows that a large body of automated unit tests for classes, subsystems, and frameworks adds to overall code quality.

Michael Silverstein, SilverMark, Inc.
Effective Test Automation and Deployment Strategy for Java Servlet and JSP Applications[presentation]

Recent advances in Java servlet and JSP technology have gained popularity and support from the industry. The backbone of this technology is the J2EE platform and Model 2 JSP architecture which effectively separate presentation from content.

Heesun Park, SAS Institute
Testing in the Fast Lane: Automated Acceptance Testing in an eXtreme Programming Environment[presentation]

Are you looking to apply the values of eXtreme Programming (XP) to test automation? In eXtreme Programming Explained, Kent Beck compares XP to driving a car-meaning the team must make constant corrections to stay on track.

Lisa Crispin, BoldTech Systems
Software Test Automation Fall 2001: Test Automation with Action Words: A Practical Experience[presentation]

Action Word Testing. This concept illuminates testing as an action, a process, an art.

Hans Buwalda, LogiGear Corporation


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