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To Fight the Fire Without Completely Being Burned: A New Perspective on Heroes and Firefighters[presentation]

Michael Hovan discusses the implementation of Bayer Corporation's measurement database over the past year. Discover the types of metrics collected, how the data is stored, and ways the data is analyzed and ultimately used.

Michael Hovan, Wind River Doctor Design Services
Warp 6, Mr. Sulu: The Future of Software Development[presentation]

As a manager, you have many readings which help you monitor your course. Choosing a direction is a different matter. Like the crew of any Star Trek episode, you may have to make a decision based on the unknown.

Becky Winant, Esprit Systems Consulting, Inc.
Gaps, Traps, and Overlaps: Communication Flaws and How to Fix Them[presentation]

In some organizations, communication flaws are rampant and muddled messages are the norm.

Naomi Karten, Karten Associates
The Story Software Defects Tell about Project Management[presentation]

We often evaluate and design software processes and activities as if putting them on lists and schedules will automatically make them happen.

Robert Grady, Hewlett-Packard Co., Retired
eXtreme Programming Meets Measurement[presentation]

With the Internet explosion creating new "e-somethings" daily, and society embracing X-anything, it should come as no surprise that eXtreme Programming is the latest concept to hit IT.

Carol Dekkers, Quality Plus Technologies, Inc.
System Architectures-An International Viewpoint[presentation]

The software engineering industry has invented a wide variety of architectures and technologies for building applications, yet all of these architectures have some common features and issues. One such common issue is internationalization.

Benson Margulies, Basis Technology
Facilitated Workshops in Software Development Projects[presentation]

To build planning and requirements products quickly and efficiently, consider using facilitated workshops. In your workshops, participants should be active, engaged,

Ellen Gottesdiener, EBG Consulting, Inc.
Managing Virtual Teams[presentation]

Learn how to manage virtual teams such as those in dot-com companies, large corporations, and start-ups that may not be located in the same building, same town, or even the same continent.

Linda McInnis, Noble Associates, Inc.
Successful Projects-10 Keys to a Proper Beginning[presentation]

One of the primary keys to project success is orchestrating a proper beginning.

Robert Galen, Network Appliance, Inc.
Extreme Programming and CMM[presentation]

This presentation explains the Capability Maturity Model and Extreme Programming, compares the two, and shows how they can be compatible.

Mark Paulk, Software Engineering Institute
Is That Your Final Answer? Auditing Your Measurement Program[presentation]

More and more organizations are committed to establishing an effective measurement program. Big or small, measurement takes time and resources. The overriding key to measurement program success is accuracy.

David Herron, The David Consulting Group
System Test Measurement-What, When, How?[presentation]

Elaine Soat presents an easy set of measurements to use during system testing (QA test cycle). Examine measurements taken from defect tracking and application coverage to projected testing hours versus actual testig hours.

Elain Soat, CarteGraph Systems
The Need for Speed: Filling the Empty Chair[presentation]

The paper provides an analysis of challenges that engineering and human resources managers face when attempting to recruit new staff.

Anntoinette Gurvin, General Dynamics Information Systems
Software Requirements: When They Think They Know What I Want… and They Don't[presentation]

Pat Medvick presents tales of successful and unsuccessful attempts at gathering requirements from scientists-highlighting the inherent problems and possible solutions. Learn how to gather requirements from multi-site domain experts.

Pat Medvick, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Successful Project Management in the Face of Shifting People and Teams[presentation]

The best project managers know to superbly manage the subtleties of risks, employee turnover, personality clashes, shifting priorities, and other unexpected events.

Angela Gilchrist, CyberOptics Corporation


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