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"How to Build a Better Test Script" with a Component-Based Approach

Do you dream of having a centralized, modular set of test script steps or "components" that you can link together many times in multiple test scripts to create end-to-end fully automated tests? If so, join Jeff Roberts as he lays out, step-by-step, the real-life method his company has used for the past four years to do just that. With a database of script components, they write functional test scripts more quickly and, as the software changes, update them more efficiently. In a presentation detailing how this process was used in a real-world setting, Jeff explains the approach adopted by his large testing organization with multiple products and teams operating in multiple locations. Learn to break down your scripts into standardized components categorized as procedures, how-to information, data, and SQL commands. Take back the basics of a complete methodology for building and maintaining better test scripts.

Jeff Roberts, Convergys

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